My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): August 8 – August 14


Overhead Squat – Find Your 1RM

I was able to PR this lift! I warmed up to 155 lb. and worked up to 210 lb. The weight wasn’t bad and I probably could have went another 5-10 lb. heavier but we ran out of time. Also, my wrist and forearm were starting to hurt so I took a break and stretched it out.

WOD – Open Workout 13.4

AMReps in 7 minutes

3 clean and jerks (135 lb.)
3 toes to bar

6 clean and jerks (135 lb.)
6 toes to bar
9 clean and jerks (135 lb.)
9 toes to bar
12 clean and jerks (135 lb.)
12 toes to bar
15 clean and jerks (135 lb.)
15 toes to bar
18 clean and jerks (135 lb.)
18 toes to bar
I heard this workout was tough and I could see why. The clean and jerk weight wasn’t too heavy but the toes to bar were going to kill me. I was able to keep a steady pace until the round of nine. The clean and jerk were getting heavier and I had to do them in sets of three. I would take about 15 to 30 seconds of rest in between sets. The toes to bar were a lot slower. I would do about two reps at a time. My abs would cramp up and it was harder to string more than two reps together. I finished 9 toes to bar by the end of seven minutes. 


Snatch Complex – Find heavy 1 rep
Power snatch + 2 overhead squats
I was still a bit weary of this workout since my wrist and forearm problems have been flaring up. I also do not like doing overhead squats with my snatch grip. Thankfully, I didn’t have any issues during this workout and I managed to PR my snatch. I was able to complete this complex at 165 lb. which is a 10 lb. PR. I attempted to snatch 175 lb. but was unable to get under the weight. I can feel another PR coming!

Partner WOD – 15 Minute AMRAP

9 push press (115 1b.)
6 front squat (115 1b.)
3 power snatch (115 1b.)

We broke up the work into alternating rounds and I started first. The original weight was 135 lb. but I wasn’t able to power snatch it. I was too tired so we stripped the weight down to 115 lb. which was manageable. The first few rounds were great. The push press, front squat were unbroken and the power snatch were done in fast singles. I started to slow down on the push press and power snatch. I would do about six reps and then rest the bar on my shoulders before finishing the reps. I would take more rest between snatches. It was tough but we managed to complete 10 rounds in 15 minutes.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

Miniature Mondays: Ox

Butchers Captain: Ox



I stated in a previous post that Boar would be the first model from the Butchers team. After looking at boar I decided to test out a paint scheme on the captain, Ox. the paint scheme I went for is almost the same as my Protectorate army. I love the cream and maroon colors of the protectorate and wanted to apply this to my Butchers. I didn’t want to copy the studio scheme for my team so I went with something similar.

I also started using the Army Painter inks on this one. The strong tone, soft tone and dark tone inks are awesome. I’ve used vallejo inks and washes but they gave a frosted finish on a few of my models. I threw those bottles out and I’m very happy with the Army Painter stuff. My skill as a painter is getting better. I’m no where near a pro level but I think my stuff is good enough for table top. I can’t wait to paint more stuff!

Let me know what you think, leave a comment at the bottom.

Lift Heavy and Level Up

My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): July 25 – July 31



Partner WOD
Jack, 20 Minute AMRAP
10 push press, (115 lb.)
10 kb swings (Russian, 54 lb.)
10 box jumps (24 in.)
Alternating rounds.This was my first time doing Jack with a partner. I’ve done it by myself but I scaled the push press to 95 lb. We started great, finishing most rounds under a minute. The hardest movements were the box jumps. After the first two rounds I was able to complete all the reps jumping but I had to do step ups after that round. Since my partner was just as fast on the movements, I didn’t have a lot of recovery time after. We pushed each other and eventually finished 15 rounds. Hopefully the next time I do this solo, I’m able to complete at least eight rounds Rx.



Snatch – 1×2 at 60% (95 lb.), 1×2 at 70% (110 lb.), 1×2 at 80% (125 lb.) x2Breezed through this workout. I was able to hit all my numbers without much issues. I feel a lot better doing snatches.

Clean and Jerk Complex – Every 1:30 for 9:00 Minutes
2 clean + 1 jerk at 75% (165 lb.)I was able to hit all my lifts within time. It’s a continuation of previous workouts.

Clean High Pull – 4×3 at 85% (185 lb.)This workout was fun. I’m starting to enjoy high pulls.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): July 18 – July 24



Bench Press – 5×5 at a heavy set of 5

I haven’t been doing much bench work lately. My range was probably going to be between 165 lb. – 185 lb. After warming up to 165 lb. I was able to complete five reps without much resistance so I went up to 185 lb. The weight was heavy but I was able to complete five reps each set. I ran out of time and stopped at four sets.

Elizabeth – 15 Minute Time Cap
Cleans (135 lb.)
Ring dips

It has been a year since I’ve done this workout. I scaled the cleans and ring dips but this time, I decided to Rx the cleans. I have been doing a lot of work at 135 lb. thanks to the barbell club. I would have to be smart about how I broke up the sets. My plan was going to be to break up each round into three sets.The cleans were manageable for the first round. I broke up the reps into sevens and the ring dips were the same. I tried to do the first round Rx but I gave up after rep 14. I haven’t been doing much dip work lately and it shows. The second round wasn’t too bad but I was a lot slower. The last round of nine, was hard. One of the coaches was pushing me to finish, making sure I would do at least one rep before resting. After finishing the cleans I felt light headed. I tried to do ring dips but I stopped after the first two reps. I couldn’t finish the last seven. My breathing was horrible and I just sat down and caught my breath. I had about two minutes left before time cap but I couldn’t get up and finish. That was the first time I felt that bad during a workout. My lack of conditioning shows and it sucks. I need to find a way to balance both.


3 Rounds Of:
Run (400 m)
21 kb swings (54 lb.)
12 hand stand push ups
This was a fun workout. I knew the run was going to suck, and the handstand push ups were going to be a lot harder after the skills work we did earlier. The first round was okay, I was able to complete the run at a good pace, the kb swings were done unbroken and the hand stand push ups were done in two sets of six. The second round was where I started to slow down. I was slower on the run but not by too much. I was able to finish the kb swings unbroken but I hit a wall at the handstand push ups. I was able to do five reps then three then four. I was considerably slower. The last round was the worst. The run was hard. I had to push myself mentally to stay focused and not walk. I finished the run and took 15 seconds to catch my breath. I picked up the kb and managed to complete 11 reps before dropping it. I was hoping to do it unbroken again but it was too taxing. After a short rest I picked it back up and finished the remaining 10 reps. The last round of hand stand push ups were slow I was able to complete maybe two or three reps before resting. Other members were cheering me on and I found the energy to complete the last few reps. I finished the workout at 15:48.


Lift Heavy and Level Up!

Barbells and Boxcars: Episode 10

Episode 10

After a few weeks of being inactive, Rodel and I are back with a new episode. We talk about our take on the CrossFit games and what we have been doing in the gym. During the gaming section, we talk about the release of Pokemon Go, new board games and a Warmachine game. We finished the night with some recommendations.
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