Destiny: Festival of the Lost

Destiny has a new Halloween event, that runs from October 26 – November 11.

Event includes:

  • Masks (see above picture)
  • “Festival Candy” which provides buffs
  • New emotes (thriller dance)
  • New quests
  • New crucible maps

For more info check out the Bungie website.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

Loot Crate November 2015 Theme: Combat

No shirt this month but two collectible figures is not bad. I hope they are either an exclusive Pop! vinyl or a unique figure. I haven’t played many fighting games lately with the last one being Injustice. I enjoy them and I have many fond memories of Street Fighter 2 on Genesis. Blizzard may have an item from Heroes of the Storm but I’m not sure what the The Hunger Games item. I’m thinking maybe a book or a pin. This month is going to be interesting; I can’t wait.

If you want to sign up use this link, also use the promo code SAVE3 for $3 off any subscription. I also get credit towards more Loot Crates if you use the link. If you have any questions, leave a comment at the bottom.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): October 19 – October 25


Skill Work – Turkish Get Up
Worked on some Turkish get ups.
Weightlifting Complex 
1 power clean + 3 front squats (115 lb. – 215 lb.)
With the deadlift cycle ending last week, the new cycle will be focused on Olympic weightlifting (Oly). Usually the gym has an Oly fundamentals class on Saturdays but I’m not able to make it most weeks. Incorporating more Oly work into weekly classes is exactly what I need to improve my lifts. The next few weeks are going to be fun, and todays weightlifting complex was a great start to the cycle.I haven’t done heavy power cleans since April with my heaviest lift at 205 lb. I hit a PR on my power clean at 215 lb and I think I could have gone a bit heavier. I was surprised I was able to clean it since the lift didn’t feel great. The pull was okay but the extension and catch was a bit sloppy. Hopefully I will continue to get better over the next few weeks.


AMReps 9 minutes

3 thrusters (75 lb.)
3 lateral burpee over barbell
Add three reps every round

The burpees were my speed bump. The thrusters were not too bad. I was able to go unbroken until I hit the round of 12. I finished this workout with 15 thrusters and four burpees for a total of 79 reps.

Weighted Plank Hold – 3×60 seconds, 35 lb.

Finished the day with some weighted plank holds. I was able to hold the first round of 60 seconds. I had to take a five seconds rest during the last two rounds


Skill Work

Started the day with a short warm up consisting of shoulder dislocates, wrist stretches, and handstand holds. The skill for today was a handstand walk progression. Three sets of around the plate handstand walks with 1:30 of rest in between. Since I can not do handstand walks I had to scale down to using a 24″ box. It was getting a bit tough around the third set but I managed to finish. The next skill portion was six sets of 30 second handstand shoulder taps. I had to scale this portion as well since I’m not strong enough to complete 1 shoulder tap. I used a 24″ box to scale and finished the shoulder taps fairly quickly. The hard part is trying to tap my shoulders since I don’t have the flexibility.Strength – 5×5

Strict ring dips
Strict ring push ups
Strict handstand push ups

I started having trouble with the ring dips and handstand push ups around the fourth set. My triceps were fatigued as well as my shoulders. I had to take rests in between a few reps because I didn’t want to sacrifice form. The ring push ups were not too bad and didn’t give me trouble through out the workout.

WOD – Partnered, 25 minute time cap

3000 m – Row
200 – Russian kettlebell swings (54 lb.)
100 – Handstand push ups

I was partnered with my fiance and we split the reps in half. I was able to do this workout without scaling while she scaled the kettlebell swings and the handstand push ups. I was able to keep a steady pace of around 2:00 per 500 m on the row. I had a harder time with the kettlebell swings, I was only able to do 20 reps at a time. I had the strength to do more reps but my grip would start to give around rep 15. Need to work on grip exercises or do more heavy kettlebell swings. The handstand push ups were difficult as well. The skill and strength work took a toll on my shoulders and triceps. I was able to do some kipping handstand push ups but not much. We were able to finish 70 reps of the handstand push ups at time cap.


Started Wednesday with a short medicine ball warm up that consisted of sit ups, cleans and Russian twists. After the warm up we started on warming up for the days skill/strength workout, jerks.
Jerk Complex
1 push press + 1 power jerk + 1 split jerk
I think the first half of this weightlifting cycle is going to be focused on clean and jerks. We started with power cleans and front squats and on Wednesday we did jerks. I’ve been wanting to practice more jerks since I’m not proficient in that movement. My goals for this workout were to practice heavy jerks and work on my rack position. Started with a weight of 75 lb. and worked up to 185 lb. I think I could have gone a bit heavier but I was on my seventh set and the reps caught up with me.My split jerk felt good, but I need more work. My drive could be better as well as my foot work. I will try to do some footwork drills at home to see if it helps. I worked on my rack position, mainly keeping a full grip on the bar. I need to work on my mobility to make it easier to grip the bar.

WOD – Tabata, 8 rounds

Knees to elbows
Box jumps
Dumbbell snatch (40 lb.)

My main goal for this workout was to push the intensity and stay consistent. The intensity portion of that goal went out the window after the first round of knees to elbows. I completed eight reps in the first round but I knew that was not sustainable. My hands were feeling raw and my abs started to tighten up but by the last round I was down to three reps. During the box jump set, I kept a pace of five reps per round. I was still tired from the knees to elbows and I was doing step downs instead of rebounding. I was starting to feel fatigued by the time I reached the dumbbell snatch set. I wasn’t happy with my pace but I don’t think I could have pushed myself harder. I was keeping a four rep per round pace but it was becoming more difficult towards the end.


Pause front squat + 2 front squat
The strength portion for Friday was a heavy pause front squat (three seconds) plus two front squats with a four second decent. My goal for this workout is to keep an active bottom position and to at least hit 225 lb. or more. I controlled the weight into the bottom position of the squat while still keeping tension in my legs and core. I managed to hit 255 lb. on the complex which is also a new front squat PR!
FGB style – 4 rounds
Double unders
Wall balls (20 lb.)
Hand release push ups
Rest 1 minute

I didn’t do as well as I wanted in this workout. I wanted to at least finish 60 reps on double unders, and 15 on wall balls and hand release push ups. After the first three rounds I was able to finish 45-50 reps on the double unders and 10-15 on the wall balls and hand release push ups. The last round had my lowest reps. I couldn’t string many double unders together, tripping up every 5 – 15 reps. Fatigue played a factor in the wall balls and push ups. I finished the workout with 282 reps.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): October 12 – October 18


Warm Up – 8 minutes

Run 400 m
10 pull ups
20 push ups
30 ab-mat sit ups
40 air squats

We did a quick 8 minute warm up to get the blood moving. We were going to need it since, the rest of the workouts looked rough. I didn’t focus on trying to get more rounds instead just making sure I was performed quality reps.

Deadlift –  2×2 at 100% 1RM (395 lb.)

Last weeks deadlifts took a toll on my body. I wasn’t able to lift my 80% on Wednesday but I took a few days off and let my body recover. I haven’t established my 1RM yet but the heaviest weight I lifted up until now was 385 lb. I decided I wanted to at least lift 395 lb. if not more. I warmed up to 335 lb. and started my sets at 365 lb. and finished with 395 lb. It was difficult but I was able to power through it. Afterwards I was confident in my deadlift, I knew I was going to break 400 lb. on Friday.


Time Cap: 25 minutes

30 pull ups
Run 400 m
21 Thrusters (75 lb.)
21 Burpees
Run 400 m
15 Thrusters (75 lb.)
15 Burpees

Run 400 m
9 Thrusters (75 lb.)
9 Burpees
Run 400 m
30 pull ups
As always, the run and the burpees were going to be the hardest part of the workout. I wasn’t worried about the pull ups or the thrusters. The first round of thrusters and burpees were not too bad. I broke the thrusters into two sets and was consistent on the burpees. The second and the third rounds were a different story. The run became difficult and was moving at a slow pace. My main goal for the run was to catch my breath and maintain a steady pace. The thrusters were not too difficult. I was able to do them unbroken. The burpees were becoming harder as time moved on. I was taking long breaks in between sets and wasn’t moving as fast as before. I did not finish the workout, finishing the last 400 m run at 26:48.


Pull Up Bar Complex
4 Rounds:
4 toes to bar
3 kipping pull ups
2 chest to bar pull ups
1 muscle up
The complex is supposed to be done without letting go of the bar. I’m not strong enough to do muscle ups yet but the other movements were not difficult.
Back Squat – 5×3 at 75% (275 lb.)
After warming up I started my five sets at 255 lb. and then moved up to 275 lb. I haven’t done back squats in a few weeks and I wanted to be more conservative with the weight.
Alternating EMOM: 10 Minutes
45 double unders
12 handstand push ups
The first four minutes were not too bad. I was able to complete all the reps but fatigue set in quickly. I wasn’t able to complete all the handstand push ups during the sixth minute and the double unders didn’t get easier. I kept messing up and only completed around 30 reps for the rest of the workout. My triceps and shoulders started to fatigue around minute seven. I wasn’t able to complete all twelve reps and stopped around six.


Warm Up

Alternating EMOM:

Row (45 seconds)
Plank hold
Easy warm up. Plank holds were a bit difficult by the end of the warm up, but managed to finish all rounds.
Deadlift – 6×3 at 80% (335 lb.)
I was trying to take it easy since our max out day was Friday. 335 lb. felt great and I’ve been getting used to the weight. I take less time set up and complete lifts and was power through it. I’m excited for our max out day on Friday.
AMRep 12 minutes
American kettle bell swing (54 lb.) – 3 minutes
Kettle bell goblet squats (54 lb.) – 3 minutes
Butterfly sit ups – 3 minutes
Row (calorie) – 3 minutes

At first I wasn’t sure about the weight for the kettle bell swings and squats. American kettle bell swings are a bit tricky and I didn’t want to burn all my energy in the first three minutes of the workout. I decided to stick with the 54 lb. kettle bell and power my way through it. I paced myself through the workout and luckily I didn’t “gas out”. I was able to complete 50 reps which is not bad considering I haven’t done American swings in a while.

Since their was no rest I was trying to keep a steady pace through the goblet squats. After the first minute however, my legs were on fire. I was only able to get about 10 reps in the first minute. I decided to at least get at least 10 reps a minute and I barely made it. At the end of the goblet squat section I finished with 32 reps. The butterfly sit ups were my “rest” round. I was able to keep a good pace and didn’t start to cramp up until two minutes into the round. I was able to finish with 52 reps.

By the time I reached the row I was already exhausted. I was able to recover during the sit ups but it wasn’t enough. During the row my pace suffered and my pulls were fairly weak. I was taking a long break in between pulls and was not pulling as hard as I should have. I picked up the pace in the last minute and finished with 37 calories. Total rep count for the workout was 171 reps.


Warm Up
24 – 16 – 8
Banded good mornings
Hollow rocks
Reverse alternating lunges
I took my time with this workout since it was max out day! Making sure I was able to warm up my hamstrings and lower back. I didn’t rush the workout and focused on making quality reps.
Deadlift – Find your 1 rep max.
I took my time warming up for this lift and made a goal of at least 405 lb. for my PR. Up until now my heaviest lift was 395 lb. I made sure my form was consistent and put in enough warm up reps before I started going heavy. The lift started becoming difficult around 395 lb. I would struggle to get the bar off the ground but once it was a few inches off, I knew I would be able to complete the lift.

My last lift was at 415 lb. and it was a struggle. It was the longest deadlift and I almost gave up. Thankfully I was able to power through it without compromising my form. The other gym members were also there to cheer me on which helped. Surprisingly, the weight wasn’t too hard to hold. At the top of the lift, I held the bar for a few seconds just to “feel the weight”. My new goal for the next deadlift cycle will be 425 lb. to 445 lb. It will be about a 6% increase which I would be happy with.


Every 1:30 for 12 minutes

3 cleans + 1 split jerk (125lb. – 145 lb.)

The weight we were supposed to use for this workout was 60% of our 1RM, but after all those deadlifts I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to pull that much weight. I decided to scale down a bit to 125 lb. which is slightly below my 60%. After the first three rounds, I started to add more weight. I was able to complete the complex under 30 seconds which gave me confidence to add more weight. After three more rounds I added another 10 lb. and finished the last two rounds at 145 lb.

The next strength cycle will be centered around the Olympic lifts. It’s going to be an exciting next few weeks.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

My Week As RX (Probably Scaled): October 5 – October 11


Deadlift – 6×2 at 80% (335 lb.)
Deadlifts at this weight are starting to get a lot easier. My setup is quicker and my rest in between sets is a bit shorter. I hope I can keep this up until next week when we test our 1RM.
For Time:

Run 400 m
Max Rep Wall Balls (20 lb., 11 ft)
Rest 1 Minute
Max Rep Wall Balls (20 lb., 11 ft)
Rest 1 Minute
Run 400 m
Rest 3 Minutes
4 Rounds:
5 Power Cleans (115 lb.)
10 Later Burpee Over Barbell (115 lb.)
15 Deadlifts (115 lb.)
Max Effort Air Squats
Decided to use a new format for the WOD section of the blog since it would be easier to read as a list instead of a continuous line. The hardest part of the WOD was the wall balls, burpees and deadlifts. The wall balls were difficult because of the Rx requirements. Height and weight are listed above but their was a rep requirement as well. I was able to reach the Rx minimum for the first set of wall balls but not the second. The requirement was 25 reps and I was able to barely able to make 27 the first set and 15 the second set. I tried to hold on to the wall ball as long as I could but I gave into fatigue.   I was confident with the weight, it was was the reps I was unsure about. I wasn’t expecting it to be a max rep attempt instead thinking it would be max reps in a given amount of time.

I wanted to use 135 lb. for the second part of the workout but I decided to go down a bit more. The weight was supposed to be light enough that the deadlifts would be done unbroken. I was only able to do the first round unbroken. I was feeling the effects of the deadlifts from earlier and had to break up the deadlifts into two or three sets. The burpees were difficult because, burpees! Finished the workout with max effort air squat. After all the work we did earlier, these air squats were tough. The Rx reps were above 75 reps which is not hard for me when my legs are fresh. I only did 35 reps after two minutes.


Hand Stand Push Ups – max effort strict and kipping
Worked on some hand stand push ups. Started with a max effort strict hand stand push ups (MEHSPU) and I was able to complete ten reps which is a new PR for me. My previous PR was five. I was able to complete 11 reps on my kipping HSPUs but it wasn’t a PR. The most I’ve done unbroken was 15.

Floor Press – Find 2RM (235 lb.)

My floor press 3RM is 225lb. and I was shooting for at least 235 lb. on this attempt.

WOD – TC 12 minutes

25 toes to bar
50 overhead squats (45 lb.)
100 double unders
50 overhead squats (45 lb.)
25 toes to bar

Going into this workout, I thought my biggest hurdle was going to be the toes to bar. I was wrong, it was the 50 overhead squats! I was still sore from Monday and I felt it after 25 reps into the first 50 overhead squats. I was able to hold the weight overhead, but I wasn’t able to complete all the squats as quickly as I would have liked. I was slow during the double unders but I will attribute that to fatigue. I was only able to finish 35 reps of the overhead squats when I hit the time cap.


Warm Up – 3 rounds
15 ab-mat sit ups
15 banded good mornings
15 walking lunges with med. ball
Started Wednesday with an easy warm up. I used a light med. ball (8 lb.), and a thin band. I took it slow and made sure my body was warmed up for the deadlifts.
Deadlift  – 3×3 at 95% 1rm (365 lb.)
Not sure if I was fatigued from the previous days or if it was an off day, but I felt weak during the deadlifts. My estimated 95% is around 405 lb. but I was barely able to complete 365 lb. I actually had to scale down after my first set at 365 lb. I wasn’t able to get the second rep off the ground and scaled down to 315 lb. I might have to take longer rests in between sets but I’m not sure how much of a difference that was going to make. I hope I recover before next week.
Partner Cindy – AMRAP 20 minutes
Partners alternate rounds
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats
This was a milestone workout since this was my fiance’s first day at the gym. She was a member of another local affiliate and was excited to workout with the Lions! I’m excited for her to be a regular member so we can both support each other through our fitness journey. I managed to do the workout Rx and she scaled the pull ups. We finished 14 rounds.
Lift Heavy and Level Up!

Loot Crate October 2015 Theme: Time

The Loot Crate theme for October is TIME! Usually Loot Crate October themes are horror related like 2013’s “Survive” and 2014’s “Fear”, but I’m excited for this non horror related theme. As the release above states, this crate is going to feature items from Back to the Future II, Dr. Who and Bill and Ted! Bill and Ted 1 and 2, are my favorite time travel movies with the Back to the Future trilogy right behind them. I’ve been trying to catch up with Dr. Who but I’m still stuck on the Matt Smiths seasons. I heard Peter Capaldi’s Dr. Who is really good, I can’t wait to watch episodes. I’m hoping for a Wyld Stallyns t shirt and a Dr. Who Funko Pop but I’ll be happy with whatever. I can’t wait for the 20th!

If you want to sign up use this link, also use the promo code SAVE3 for $3 off any subscription. I also get credit towards more Loot Crates if you use the link. If you have any questions, leave a comment at the bottom.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

Miniature Mondays: Reznik 2 WIP

I finished most of the work on Reznik. I still have to do a few highlights but that will come later. I’m still having trouble with blacks. Getting highlights just right is becoming more difficult. I need to work on mixing my highlight colors and blending but I’m happy with my results. Shading is getting easier and I’m seeing an improvement in my technique. I still have a lot to learn. I will be starting on the horses next and then the wracks hopefully.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

My Week as RX (Probably Scaled): September 28 – October 4


Deadlift – 5×5 at 85% (335 lb.)

335 lb. is a little lower than my 85%. I’m trying to be a bit conservative on the deadlift, making sure I have better form on my lifts. My form has improved a lot, and my lower back doesn’t tighten up as much.

Partner WOD – 4 RFT: 25 cal row, 20 chest to bar, 15 handstand push ups

This WOD was challenging, but thankfully my partner was able to push me. We split most of the work evenly except for the row. I rowed 10 cals and he did 15 since he was a better rower. The chest to bar was done in 5 rep sets which allowed some rest and we split the handstand push ups 7 – 8 with me taking the 7 reps.

The hardest part of this WOD was the chest to bar pull ups. I’m still working on my strength and kip. I was able to do five straight and broke up the rest into smaller sets of two or three. At round three and four I was doing singles. My hands were starting to become raw and I was trying to avoid a tear at all costs. Thankfully I was able to finish the workout with no tears. On the last round, I was able to do 15 straight handstand push ups to make up for my slow rowing. We finished the workout out at 13:01.


Deadlift – 6×2 at 80% (335 lb.)
After the deadlifts on Monday, I’m more confident lifting 335 lb. It’s still feels heavy but my grip is getting better and my back feels better as well. Will start increasing the weight on Friday.
Three Headed Dragon – For Time: 400 double unders, back squat 40,000 lb. and row 4,000 m.
This is my first time attempting this WOD and thankfully it was a team WOD. Our team of three decided to split the work evenly. The double unders would be done in 50 rep sets until finished while back squats were going to be done in 10×10 sets at 135 lb. The row section was divided into threes as well. While one person squats, one person rests and the other is on the rower. We would rotate until we hit 4000 m on the rower and then focus on the back squats.

The double unders were a breeze, breaking them down into sets of 50 was a smart choice. The hardest part of the workout was the back squat. The weight becomes heavy, very fast. The first few rounds were not too bad but after set six it takes a toll on your quads. After the row was finished we focused on the remaining squats and finished in 28:46.


Deadlift – 4×4 at 90%
My 90% is 385 lb. and the heaviest amount of weight that I’ve lifted was 375 lb. This was going to be a challenge. I started off warming up until I reached 315 lb. I reached 385 lb. on my last set, it was tough and my grip almost gave out. I now have a new four rep max, potentially raising my max by 20 lb. I think our deadlift max day will be in two weeks.
WOD 1 – AMRAP 8 minutes: 4 burpees, 8 toes to bar, 12 wall balls (20 lb.)
The hardest part of this WOD was the toes to bar. My hands were still raw and I made a mistake of not shaving down the calluses. I was mindful of my hands and made sure to stop and scale when my hands were about to tear. The wall balls became a problem after the second round. I could feel it in my quads, they were still sore from Wednesday. I managed to finish this WOD with three rounds completed.

WOD 2 – AMRAP 6 minutes: 25 double unders, 15 thrusters (45 lb.)

We had a two minute rest in between workouts which helped me catch my breath. I was hoping my legs would recover in time but I wasn’t too sure. The double unders were not too difficult but the thrusters were hard on my legs. Most of my muscles were fatigued after the last workout making the thrusters harder after each round. I managed to finish one round under a minute but it took two minutes to finish the second one. I managed to finish the workout with three rounds and 25 double unders. 

Lift Heavy and Level Up!