My Week As RX (Probably Scaled): October 5 – October 11


Deadlift – 6×2 at 80% (335 lb.)
Deadlifts at this weight are starting to get a lot easier. My setup is quicker and my rest in between sets is a bit shorter. I hope I can keep this up until next week when we test our 1RM.
For Time:

Run 400 m
Max Rep Wall Balls (20 lb., 11 ft)
Rest 1 Minute
Max Rep Wall Balls (20 lb., 11 ft)
Rest 1 Minute
Run 400 m
Rest 3 Minutes
4 Rounds:
5 Power Cleans (115 lb.)
10 Later Burpee Over Barbell (115 lb.)
15 Deadlifts (115 lb.)
Max Effort Air Squats
Decided to use a new format for the WOD section of the blog since it would be easier to read as a list instead of a continuous line. The hardest part of the WOD was the wall balls, burpees and deadlifts. The wall balls were difficult because of the Rx requirements. Height and weight are listed above but their was a rep requirement as well. I was able to reach the Rx minimum for the first set of wall balls but not the second. The requirement was 25 reps and I was able to barely able to make 27 the first set and 15 the second set. I tried to hold on to the wall ball as long as I could but I gave into fatigue.   I was confident with the weight, it was was the reps I was unsure about. I wasn’t expecting it to be a max rep attempt instead thinking it would be max reps in a given amount of time.

I wanted to use 135 lb. for the second part of the workout but I decided to go down a bit more. The weight was supposed to be light enough that the deadlifts would be done unbroken. I was only able to do the first round unbroken. I was feeling the effects of the deadlifts from earlier and had to break up the deadlifts into two or three sets. The burpees were difficult because, burpees! Finished the workout with max effort air squat. After all the work we did earlier, these air squats were tough. The Rx reps were above 75 reps which is not hard for me when my legs are fresh. I only did 35 reps after two minutes.


Hand Stand Push Ups – max effort strict and kipping
Worked on some hand stand push ups. Started with a max effort strict hand stand push ups (MEHSPU) and I was able to complete ten reps which is a new PR for me. My previous PR was five. I was able to complete 11 reps on my kipping HSPUs but it wasn’t a PR. The most I’ve done unbroken was 15.

Floor Press – Find 2RM (235 lb.)

My floor press 3RM is 225lb. and I was shooting for at least 235 lb. on this attempt.

WOD – TC 12 minutes

25 toes to bar
50 overhead squats (45 lb.)
100 double unders
50 overhead squats (45 lb.)
25 toes to bar

Going into this workout, I thought my biggest hurdle was going to be the toes to bar. I was wrong, it was the 50 overhead squats! I was still sore from Monday and I felt it after 25 reps into the first 50 overhead squats. I was able to hold the weight overhead, but I wasn’t able to complete all the squats as quickly as I would have liked. I was slow during the double unders but I will attribute that to fatigue. I was only able to finish 35 reps of the overhead squats when I hit the time cap.


Warm Up – 3 rounds
15 ab-mat sit ups
15 banded good mornings
15 walking lunges with med. ball
Started Wednesday with an easy warm up. I used a light med. ball (8 lb.), and a thin band. I took it slow and made sure my body was warmed up for the deadlifts.
Deadlift  – 3×3 at 95% 1rm (365 lb.)
Not sure if I was fatigued from the previous days or if it was an off day, but I felt weak during the deadlifts. My estimated 95% is around 405 lb. but I was barely able to complete 365 lb. I actually had to scale down after my first set at 365 lb. I wasn’t able to get the second rep off the ground and scaled down to 315 lb. I might have to take longer rests in between sets but I’m not sure how much of a difference that was going to make. I hope I recover before next week.
Partner Cindy – AMRAP 20 minutes
Partners alternate rounds
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats
This was a milestone workout since this was my fiance’s first day at the gym. She was a member of another local affiliate and was excited to workout with the Lions! I’m excited for her to be a regular member so we can both support each other through our fitness journey. I managed to do the workout Rx and she scaled the pull ups. We finished 14 rounds.
Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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