My Week as RX (Probably Scaled): September 28 – October 4


Deadlift – 5×5 at 85% (335 lb.)

335 lb. is a little lower than my 85%. I’m trying to be a bit conservative on the deadlift, making sure I have better form on my lifts. My form has improved a lot, and my lower back doesn’t tighten up as much.

Partner WOD – 4 RFT: 25 cal row, 20 chest to bar, 15 handstand push ups

This WOD was challenging, but thankfully my partner was able to push me. We split most of the work evenly except for the row. I rowed 10 cals and he did 15 since he was a better rower. The chest to bar was done in 5 rep sets which allowed some rest and we split the handstand push ups 7 – 8 with me taking the 7 reps.

The hardest part of this WOD was the chest to bar pull ups. I’m still working on my strength and kip. I was able to do five straight and broke up the rest into smaller sets of two or three. At round three and four I was doing singles. My hands were starting to become raw and I was trying to avoid a tear at all costs. Thankfully I was able to finish the workout with no tears. On the last round, I was able to do 15 straight handstand push ups to make up for my slow rowing. We finished the workout out at 13:01.


Deadlift – 6×2 at 80% (335 lb.)
After the deadlifts on Monday, I’m more confident lifting 335 lb. It’s still feels heavy but my grip is getting better and my back feels better as well. Will start increasing the weight on Friday.
Three Headed Dragon – For Time: 400 double unders, back squat 40,000 lb. and row 4,000 m.
This is my first time attempting this WOD and thankfully it was a team WOD. Our team of three decided to split the work evenly. The double unders would be done in 50 rep sets until finished while back squats were going to be done in 10×10 sets at 135 lb. The row section was divided into threes as well. While one person squats, one person rests and the other is on the rower. We would rotate until we hit 4000 m on the rower and then focus on the back squats.

The double unders were a breeze, breaking them down into sets of 50 was a smart choice. The hardest part of the workout was the back squat. The weight becomes heavy, very fast. The first few rounds were not too bad but after set six it takes a toll on your quads. After the row was finished we focused on the remaining squats and finished in 28:46.


Deadlift – 4×4 at 90%
My 90% is 385 lb. and the heaviest amount of weight that I’ve lifted was 375 lb. This was going to be a challenge. I started off warming up until I reached 315 lb. I reached 385 lb. on my last set, it was tough and my grip almost gave out. I now have a new four rep max, potentially raising my max by 20 lb. I think our deadlift max day will be in two weeks.
WOD 1 – AMRAP 8 minutes: 4 burpees, 8 toes to bar, 12 wall balls (20 lb.)
The hardest part of this WOD was the toes to bar. My hands were still raw and I made a mistake of not shaving down the calluses. I was mindful of my hands and made sure to stop and scale when my hands were about to tear. The wall balls became a problem after the second round. I could feel it in my quads, they were still sore from Wednesday. I managed to finish this WOD with three rounds completed.

WOD 2 – AMRAP 6 minutes: 25 double unders, 15 thrusters (45 lb.)

We had a two minute rest in between workouts which helped me catch my breath. I was hoping my legs would recover in time but I wasn’t too sure. The double unders were not too difficult but the thrusters were hard on my legs. Most of my muscles were fatigued after the last workout making the thrusters harder after each round. I managed to finish one round under a minute but it took two minutes to finish the second one. I managed to finish the workout with three rounds and 25 double unders. 

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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