Miniature Mondays: Ox

Butchers Captain: Ox



I stated in a previous post that Boar would be the first model from the Butchers team. After looking at boar I decided to test out a paint scheme on the captain, Ox. the paint scheme I went for is almost the same as my Protectorate army. I love the cream and maroon colors of the protectorate and wanted to apply this to my Butchers. I didn’t want to copy the studio scheme for my team so I went with something similar.

I also started using the Army Painter inks on this one. The strong tone, soft tone and dark tone inks are awesome. I’ve used vallejo inks and washes but they gave a frosted finish on a few of my models. I threw those bottles out and I’m very happy with the Army Painter stuff. My skill as a painter is getting better. I’m no where near a pro level but I think my stuff is good enough for table top. I can’t wait to paint more stuff!

Let me know what you think, leave a comment at the bottom.

Lift Heavy and Level Up

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