My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): July 18 – July 24



Bench Press – 5×5 at a heavy set of 5

I haven’t been doing much bench work lately. My range was probably going to be between 165 lb. – 185 lb. After warming up to 165 lb. I was able to complete five reps without much resistance so I went up to 185 lb. The weight was heavy but I was able to complete five reps each set. I ran out of time and stopped at four sets.

Elizabeth – 15 Minute Time Cap
Cleans (135 lb.)
Ring dips

It has been a year since I’ve done this workout. I scaled the cleans and ring dips but this time, I decided to Rx the cleans. I have been doing a lot of work at 135 lb. thanks to the barbell club. I would have to be smart about how I broke up the sets. My plan was going to be to break up each round into three sets.The cleans were manageable for the first round. I broke up the reps into sevens and the ring dips were the same. I tried to do the first round Rx but I gave up after rep 14. I haven’t been doing much dip work lately and it shows. The second round wasn’t too bad but I was a lot slower. The last round of nine, was hard. One of the coaches was pushing me to finish, making sure I would do at least one rep before resting. After finishing the cleans I felt light headed. I tried to do ring dips but I stopped after the first two reps. I couldn’t finish the last seven. My breathing was horrible and I just sat down and caught my breath. I had about two minutes left before time cap but I couldn’t get up and finish. That was the first time I felt that bad during a workout. My lack of conditioning shows and it sucks. I need to find a way to balance both.


3 Rounds Of:
Run (400 m)
21 kb swings (54 lb.)
12 hand stand push ups
This was a fun workout. I knew the run was going to suck, and the handstand push ups were going to be a lot harder after the skills work we did earlier. The first round was okay, I was able to complete the run at a good pace, the kb swings were done unbroken and the hand stand push ups were done in two sets of six. The second round was where I started to slow down. I was slower on the run but not by too much. I was able to finish the kb swings unbroken but I hit a wall at the handstand push ups. I was able to do five reps then three then four. I was considerably slower. The last round was the worst. The run was hard. I had to push myself mentally to stay focused and not walk. I finished the run and took 15 seconds to catch my breath. I picked up the kb and managed to complete 11 reps before dropping it. I was hoping to do it unbroken again but it was too taxing. After a short rest I picked it back up and finished the remaining 10 reps. The last round of hand stand push ups were slow I was able to complete maybe two or three reps before resting. Other members were cheering me on and I found the energy to complete the last few reps. I finished the workout at 15:48.


Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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