Miniature Mondays: Yu Jing: Ninja with Tactical Bow

Yu Jing: Ninja with Tactical Bow

Infinity is the new Wargame that our gaming group has decided to try out. With some of the factions taken, I settled on Yu Jing because who doesn’t like space ninjas? I know that the Infinity painting style is different. It has a lot of edge highlighting and a lot of contrast. It’s going be an adjustment for sure but thankfully I have a few YouTube channels I can watch for some inspiration. I hope I can get it done quickly.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

Wargame Wednesdays: Building A Simple House

In order to diversify our tables during Warmachine games, I decided to build a simple house. Previously, I would make houses out of paper print outs from artists like Dave Graffam but I wanted to start building more realistic terrain pieces and decided to build a simple house. I borrowed designs I found on the internet, and built it from scratch. This is my first attempt at making a building.

The design of the house should have been done differently. The posts inhibit the roof but I compensated by adding posts to the pitch. It wasn’t ideal but I didn’t want to cut new walls again.

Used some leftover card from a soda box to make the roof.


I made a makeshift door and window from pieces of balsa wood and bamboo skewers.


I cut pieces of card from various boxes to create the shingles. The roof is topped with a single piece of card.


Started to base coat the windows, roof, walls, wood pieces and foundation.

Started dry brushing tiles and foundation with a light gray highlight color.


Added a few more touch ups and I’m done!


Final Project Thoughts

I underestimated this build. I have a lot more respect for good terrain builders, since it’s not easy making a well built piece. I need to do more measuring and dry fitting before I decide to glue. It would point out potential flaws in the build. At the time, I was excited to put everything together and should have took the time to plan.I should also get some more materials like thin balsa wood and plasticard. Balsa is easy to find but the plasticard has to be bought online and shipped here. I have a small tool that I can use to make rivets and I can probably learn how to make or buy molds for houses. Overall, I like building terrain. It’s a great break from miniature painting and your gaming tables look better!

Leave a comment at the bottom if you have any questions.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!