NeoCon 2017 Video Recap


NeoCon 2017 Video Recap

In addition to helping man the booth at NeoCon 2017, I was able to make a time lapse of day 1 and do some interviews on day 2. If you didn’t get a chance to read up on my experience at NeoCon 2017 check out THIS post from last week.
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Wargame Wednesdays: NeoCon 2017

NeoCon 2017

NeoCon 2017 was held on April 29 and April 30 at the Onward Resort. My gaming group, Limitless Fails Gaming Group, had a small booth with a miniature display and demo table. We had miniatures from five different games displayed: Warmachine and Hordes, Flames of War, Warhammer 40,000, Infinity and Guild Ball. We had a lot of interest this time around with many people asking questions about wargaming and the hobby. We also made a short video that will be posted soon.


We received great feedback from people at the booth and friends at the convention. A few people that stopped by said we had the best booth. After the convention was over we thought about our overall experience and what we can do better. We will be implementing some of these changes for the next convention.

A few of our changes will be to make a small 2’x2′ table for demo games like this one, display boards for armies and using tablets as video monitors. having one dedicated demo table is great but it does hold up the demo line. Each demo game takes about 30 – 45 minutes and people may not wait around. Two demo games going at once will definitely speed up that process.

Painted miniatures are great but displaying them on a black tablecloth is not the best way to present them. I’ve noticed people would look at my miniatures a lot longer, maybe because they were on a display board. Overall, I think more display boards would help our table.

We wanted to do a video presentation like the last few conventions but our space was limited. One of our members that volunteered, Van, came up with an idea for some video displays. He used his tablet to loop videos of miniature games. It was a great idea so Rodel and I used our tablets as well. Next time, I will download videos to my tablet, eliminating the need for wifi.

Check out some of the pictures below.

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Wargame Wednesdays: Building A Simple House

In order to diversify our tables during Warmachine games, I decided to build a simple house. Previously, I would make houses out of paper print outs from artists like Dave Graffam but I wanted to start building more realistic terrain pieces and decided to build a simple house. I borrowed designs I found on the internet, and built it from scratch. This is my first attempt at making a building.

The design of the house should have been done differently. The posts inhibit the roof but I compensated by adding posts to the pitch. It wasn’t ideal but I didn’t want to cut new walls again.

Used some leftover card from a soda box to make the roof.


I made a makeshift door and window from pieces of balsa wood and bamboo skewers.


I cut pieces of card from various boxes to create the shingles. The roof is topped with a single piece of card.


Started to base coat the windows, roof, walls, wood pieces and foundation.

Started dry brushing tiles and foundation with a light gray highlight color.


Added a few more touch ups and I’m done!


Final Project Thoughts

I underestimated this build. I have a lot more respect for good terrain builders, since it’s not easy making a well built piece. I need to do more measuring and dry fitting before I decide to glue. It would point out potential flaws in the build. At the time, I was excited to put everything together and should have took the time to plan.I should also get some more materials like thin balsa wood and plasticard. Balsa is easy to find but the plasticard has to be bought online and shipped here. I have a small tool that I can use to make rivets and I can probably learn how to make or buy molds for houses. Overall, I like building terrain. It’s a great break from miniature painting and your gaming tables look better!

Leave a comment at the bottom if you have any questions.

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Wargame Wednesdays: Warmachine Battle Report, Severius1 vs Denegrah1

Below is a video battle report of Severius1 vs Denegrah1. Denegrah came away with the win, but it was a great game to learn from. It was also my first time playing against Nyss hunters. I will not make the same mistakes again, at least I hope I don’t. Hope you enjoy the video. If you have any comments or questions leave them at the bottom.

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Wargame Wednesdays: Warmachine Team Battle Report

Hello Wargamers! The video below is from a 50 point Warmachine game. The scenario was Close Quarters from Steam Roller 2015. The teams were composed of two 25 point armies, Mercenaries/Protectorate of Menoth and Convergence of Cyriss/Cryx. The humans vs the soulless! The teams were split based on experience. Rodel and I were the veterans and the new guys Roland and Ronald were the new players. The newer players took a bit longer than the vets but that is expected since they’re still learning the game.

We had a lot of fun especially since we were playing with two casters. Coming up with cool combos was exciting and a made the game more casual than competitive. I hope we get to play another team game soon, I had a blast. If you can’t see the video below, head to (

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Wargame Wednesday: Natural 1 Podcast

 A few guys from the Limitless Fails Gaming Group (LFGG) and a few people from TigerBrewed Gaming have teamed up to start a podcast. The podcast is called Natural 1, and it will be focused mainly on wargaming, the hobby and some board games as well. We started this podcast as a way for us to share our experience wargaming on Guam. We also want to spread awareness about wargaming to other listeners currently living here.

This is our introductory episode where the hosts introduce themselves. We talk about how we started wargaming and the games we like to play. Any feedback will be appreciated. I will also be posting links to new episodes as well.


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Wargame Wednesdays: Protectorate of Menoth Display Board

After months of sitting on my shelf, my Protectorate of Menoth display board is finally finished. I have learned a lot on this project and my terrain building skills have increased. Now, I need to build more terrain. I used my cell phone to take these pictures, but I will set up the light box and take better shots later. Also, I will be using this board during Otaku Recon. I will post some recap pictures as well.

Added some gesso to the board as a primer. I prefer a spray primer but it dissolves the foam. I’ve used gesso before but I diluted it too much. It wasn’t as opaque as I would like but it will do.

Started base coating with a yellow brown for the walls and a dark umber for the sand.

Sorry for the grainy picture. I dry brushed the sand with progressively lighter browns and shaded using a dark umber wash. The walls were shaded with the same dark umber wash, and highlight using the same colors. I’ve painted the gate/door but it’s not shown. I also painted the exposed pink foam black and added some flock. I will take better pictures over the weekend.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to message me or leave them at the bottom.

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Wargaming Wednesdays: Display Board WIP

I’ve been putting off my Protectorate of Menoth display board for awhile now, but with Otaku Recon just around the corner I figured it’s time to finish the board. So far I’ve glued some gravel in the gaps and glued some sand onto the pink foam. I should have cleaned the sand before gluing since some plant particles were still in the sand. After the glue dried, I started sealing the sand with some watered down glue. Next up, I need to add some gesso. The gesso will act as a primer since spray primer will dissolve the pink foam. Check out next week for the completion of this project.

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Wargaming Wednesdays: Menoth Display Board

In preperation for Otaku Recon in November, I decided to build a Protectorate of Menoth display board. Our display at EpiXcon was lacking a diorama element. The tables were great but the model display lacked creativity. Even though KR cases are cool, they do not make great display areas. In the pictures below I show the beginnings of my display board. If you have tips or comments, leave them at the bottom.

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