CrossFit Progress: New Back Squat PR!

Last Friday I was able to hit a new PR. I was aiming for 345 – 350 lb. after the last heavy squat day. I broke my PR three times during the squat session. My last three lifts were 335, 345 and 355 lb. I took a lot of time between each attempt, resting about four to five minutes. Overall, I’m satisfied with my lifts. I have a gain of 9% on my squat which I’m impressed with. If I can keep this up, I’ll be able to hit 400 by this time next year. 
The video below is from my 345 lb (right) and 355 lb (left) lifts.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!


CrossFit Progress: Back Squats at 100%

Yesterday, our strength portion was 2×2 back squat at 100%. I was a little nervous since it was at 100% but after the 95% day I had last week, I felt like it wasn’t going to be too bad. My main concern was my lower back but I was confident in my form. My first set was easier than expected. I did the two reps relatively quickly without any stalls throughout the lift. The second set however was very different.

I should have taken a longer rest period before heading into the last set. I rested for two minutes, but it should have been five. Those three minutes would have made this lift better. During the first lift, I came out of the bottom and was stuck for a second but I made it thanks to Coach Steve who was spotting me. Coach Paul was giving me cues. “Stay tight, you’re a little loose”, he said. I readjusted my feet and started my last rep. I stayed tight and with a little help from Coach Steve I managed to complete the lift.

We will be having a max lift day this coming Friday and I’m confident that I will be able to surpass my current PR of 325 lb. My goal would be 345 – 350 lb.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

CrossFit Progress: Back Squats

Today was a heavy squat day. The workout was 3×3 at 95% of your one rep max. After doing the math my 95% is 305 lb. Going into the workout I was excited. 305 lb. was my previous one rep max last October and today I would be lifting it for 3×3. After our long warm up I started my first set. My first two sets were not too difficult. I was quick coming out of the bottom and didn’t strain myself to stand tall. My last set was a bit difficult especially the last rep. I strained to get out of the bottom of the squat but I managed to make it up.

This wasn’t a PR but I felt accomplished. Six months ago I could barely lift this weight for one rep and now I’m doing it for three reps. Coach Paul thinks I can put 30 lb. on my max which would put it at 355 lb. I believe our squat max day is next week Friday and hopefully I can update everyone with a new PR. If you put in the work, you will see results.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!