Miniature Mondays: The Final Three (Completed)

My Butchers are Complete

I finished painting the last three models in my Butcher team right before Otaku Recon. I should have taken a bit more time to practice blending techniques. I wanted a fully painted team for games and demos at Recon. Overall, I think they came out great. I will probably be painting more Warmachine miniatures in the coming months starting with the Testament of Menoth.

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Miniature Mondays: The Final Three


The Last Three Butchers

I’m almost done painting my last three minis from the Butchers Guild. With three down, I have three to go. I’m planning on painting these all together since most of the colors will be the same. I’m sticking with standard poses as well. My last three models are Shank, Boiler, and Brisket. These will be my last few Butchers models before I switch to painting more Protectorate minis.
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Miniature Mondays: Princess (Finished)

Princess is Finished

After what feels like forever, I finally finished the Butcher mascot Princess. In my previous post, I wanted to paint Princess with a typical bull dog coat. I ran into a bunch of snags throughout the painting process. I realized I didn’t prep the model as well as i could. I didn’t cover the seams in the legs. It’s noticeable from the pictures. I also couldn’t get the white part of the coat to a color that I liked and I couldn’t get brown part to a decent shade. Rather than strip the model I decided to salvage it. It’s not my best work but I’ll use this as a learning experience. It’s good enough for table top. Check out the pictures below.
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Miniature Mondays: Princess

The Butchers Mascot: Princess

Next on the painting table is Princess, the Butcher mascot. I’m not sure what the color scheme will be but I’m leaning toward white and brown. Something like this:
This may take a few weeks since I’m working on some honeymoon videos and more posts about our trip but I’ll try to get it done.
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Miniature Mondays: Boar (Finished)


Boar is Finished

I finally finished Boar! He came out better than expected. I haven’t painted in awhile and visiting Europe made me appreciate art and the skill that goes into it. I also visited a few game stores and a lot of their models looked great and I saw a few that won awards. This inspired me to paint a lot more in the coming months. We’re going to start playing some Guild Ball at a LGS and I would like to finish my team soon. Painted miniatures look better on the table.
I tried to do some new techniques which turned out better than expected. I still need to work on painting skin but this is great step in the right direction. Need to work on blending as well. I’m not sure what I’ll paint next but it will be something from Butchers.
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Miniature Mondays: Boar


Attacking Midfielder: Boar

I haven’t done much painting lately but I just got back from Europe and picked up some brushes. A Da Vinci, a few Raphaels and some Rembrandts. Seeing all the museums in Europe has inspired me to continue painting and has renewed my interest. I can’t wait to try out my new brushes on a few models. Since I painted Ox instead of Boar, I decided he would be next. I’ll be following the same scheme but I’ll be slightly changing some colors. I want to finish this guy over the next week or two. He’s one of my favorite characters from the game. Here are some pictures before I paint him.



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Miniature Mondays: “Meat the Butchers” My Guild Ball Team

Meat the Butchers

After painting Reznik2 and Durst I wanted to paint something new. I love my Protectorate models but I needed a pallet cleanser so, I  picked up a Guild Ball team, The Butchers. I was tempted to pick up the Alchemists or Engineers but the Butchers spoke to me. I wanted to play a team that was more melee focused and straight forward. Here are some pictures of my models before they get a coat of primer. Hopefully I can finish a few of them and start on more Warmachine models.

First model on deck is going to be Boar. He’s an awesome model, rules wise and his sculpt looks sweet. That huge cleaver is going to do some damage! I’m not sure what the paint scheme is going to be but I really like the Protectorate of Menoth colors. I didn’t want to stray from colors I like so I might go with that.

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