Wargame Wednesdays: Warmachine Team Battle Report

Hello Wargamers! The video below is from a 50 point Warmachine game. The scenario was Close Quarters from Steam Roller 2015. The teams were composed of two 25 point armies, Mercenaries/Protectorate of Menoth and Convergence of Cyriss/Cryx. The humans vs the soulless! The teams were split based on experience. Rodel and I were the veterans and the new guys Roland and Ronald were the new players. The newer players took a bit longer than the vets but that is expected since they’re still learning the game.

We had a lot of fun especially since we were playing with two casters. Coming up with cool combos was exciting and a made the game more casual than competitive. I hope we get to play another team game soon, I had a blast. If you can’t see the video below, head to (http://youtu.be/w2be2a9jDPU).

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Miniature Mondays: Anson Durst

After sitting on my desk for a few months, I finally decided to start assembling Anson Durst. Thankfully, it was an easy build, with not a lot of parts. I had to pin a few things together and I’m a bit worried about the shield. I’m also putting him on a brick base to match the other paladins in my army. I’ve played two proxy games with him and I’m excited to field him in the coming months.

I’m not abandoning the Reznik 2 build. I just finished assembling parts of his chariot and I need to prime them.  I will try finish him before I start on painting Durst.

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Wargame Wednesday: Natural 1 Podcast

 A few guys from the Limitless Fails Gaming Group (LFGG) and a few people from TigerBrewed Gaming have teamed up to start a podcast. The podcast is called Natural 1, and it will be focused mainly on wargaming, the hobby and some board games as well. We started this podcast as a way for us to share our experience wargaming on Guam. We also want to spread awareness about wargaming to other listeners currently living here.

This is our introductory episode where the hosts introduce themselves. We talk about how we started wargaming and the games we like to play. Any feedback will be appreciated. I will also be posting links to new episodes as well.

Link: http://natural1671.wordpress.com/2015/12/30/natural-1-podcast-ep-0/

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Limitless Fails Gaming Group: Otaku Recon Recap

Last weekend was a great step for the Limitless Fails Gaming Group. We had a booth set up at Otaku Recon, marking our first “big” convention. Recon was not our first convention hosted by Kai Productions (we had a booth at EpiXcon), but it had the largest reach. Our experience at EpiXcon was a great first step and we tried to make our presence at Otaku Recon even better.

Our first step was a better display. A bunch of models on KR cases and felt are a good first start but a diorama display board would have been better. I made a Protectorate of Menoth display board and other members made smaller diorama pieces. In the future, I would like to build a large diorama or at the least a thematic gaming table. We also made business cards to hand out to people interested in the group.

I had other ideas for Recon that I didn’t get to finish. I wanted to finish Reznik 2 but I had to choose between the display board or painting more of Reznik. I figured the board would make a bigger impact in presentation. I also wanted to build more terrain pieces for gaming tables. I have watched a few terrain tutorials and wanted to try to build houses and hills. I wasn’t able to start these projects since I did not finish the display board or Reznik. Hopefully by next year we will have enough terrain for a few tables.

We had a great turnout with many people interested in the hobby. We did a few demo games for people interested and some even came back for a second game. I hope we can keep the momentum going and get more people interested in the hobby. Check out some of the pictures from Otaku Recon posted below.

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Wargame Wednesdays: Protectorate of Menoth Display Board

After months of sitting on my shelf, my Protectorate of Menoth display board is finally finished. I have learned a lot on this project and my terrain building skills have increased. Now, I need to build more terrain. I used my cell phone to take these pictures, but I will set up the light box and take better shots later. Also, I will be using this board during Otaku Recon. I will post some recap pictures as well.

Added some gesso to the board as a primer. I prefer a spray primer but it dissolves the foam. I’ve used gesso before but I diluted it too much. It wasn’t as opaque as I would like but it will do.

Started base coating with a yellow brown for the walls and a dark umber for the sand.

Sorry for the grainy picture. I dry brushed the sand with progressively lighter browns and shaded using a dark umber wash. The walls were shaded with the same dark umber wash, and highlight using the same colors. I’ve painted the gate/door but it’s not shown. I also painted the exposed pink foam black and added some flock. I will take better pictures over the weekend.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to message me or leave them at the bottom.

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Limitless Fails Gaming Group at Otaku Recon 2015

Limitless Fails Gaming Group at Otaku Recon

This weekend November 14 and 15, will be Guam’s largest anime video games and cosplay convention, Otaku Recon. My gaming group Limitless Fails, will have a booth set up to showcase Warmachine and Hordes, a miniature wargame. We will have a small army display and a space for demos. We will also have a few matches going on, so you can see what a larger game looks like. We will also be having a small panel on wargaming at 1 p.m on Saturday.
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Limitless Fails Gaming Group: EpixCon Recap

EpixCon was awesome and we had a blast. We showcased our armies and did some demos. A lot of people were interested in the game and the hobby. We will probably have a display at the bigger show in November. One of the organizers liked our display and said we had the most interesting booth. He also asked us if we were interested in having a panel. Now I need to finish all the models that I’ve been putting off. We didn’t take that many pictures since we were busy playing some games and doing some demos. Check out our pictures below.