B&B RPG Savage Worlds Adventure Part 2

Part two of our B&B RPG session. Check out PART ONE and our podcast FEED or search for Barbells and Boxcars on iTunes and Google Play. Thanks for listening.

Barbells and Boxcars

Hello and welcome to B&B RPG where grown ups gather around a table, go on adventures and fail dice rolls. This is pt2 of the Savage Worlds adventures. We pick up where we last left our heroes. Will we uncover the root of this evil? Listen and find out

you can listen here

Dont forget to check out our regular Barbells and Boxcars podcasts for your crossfit and nerd/geek fix.

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Shout out to our gym Custom Fitness. You can check out their website http://customfitnessguam.com/ for information on them and what they offer.

Check out our facebook pages: Barbells and Boxcars & Limitless Fails Gaming Group

You can message us at barbellsandboxcars@gmail.com and give us some feedback. We would love to hear from you

Find us on Instagram @barbellsandbocars and @limitlessfails

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