My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): October 2 – October 8


Power Clean Complex – Find a 1 Rep Heavy

Power clean + push press

It was a heavy Monday and that doesn’t go that well for me. I was still a bit sore from the previous week but I wanted to get some work in. The limiting movement for this complex was going to be the push press. My estimated weight for this complex would be around 205 lb. – 225 lb. The warm up felt okay, my quads were still a little tight but thankfully it was power not squat cleans. I made the lift at 205 lb. and then tried for 215 lb. I missed the 215 lb. lift and decided to stop there.

Snatch Pull – 3×3 at 100% (185 lb.)

I haven’t done snatch pulls since the last time I was doing barbell club programming. I warmed up with some light weight and slowly got the feel for the movement. I loaded up my 100% and finished all three sets.

Front Squat – Find a 1 Rep Heavy

The clean complex saved my quads but this front squat session was going to kill them. My previous 1RM was around 305 lb. but I knew I was not going to get that high. I was a bit warm from the power cleans so I loaded about 50% (165 lb.) as my first weight. It felt very heavy and I knew I was going to struggle at anything over 280 lb. I loaded 225 lb. and was able to complete a few reps. I loaded 265 lb. on the bar and I was able to complete one rep. I was having a hard time keeping the bar on my shoulders and keeping my elbows up. I decided to end it there since my form was starting to suffer.


Front Squat – 5×5 at 70% (225 lb.)

If Mondays squats were not enough, today we have 25 more reps! My 70% is about 225 lb. which felt heavy Monday. The warm up felt good and I loaded my 70%. My first two sets were easy to get through. My legs felt great but I could feel my core starting to fatigue. I was trying to keep my torso upright and not dropping my elbows but after the second set, it was going to be a struggle. The following sets were a grind but I was able to get through it. I was able to complete the workout at my actual percentages. I was stoked.

Partner WOD – For Time

Row (90 cals.)
60 toes to bar
300 double unders
70 burpee over partner

This partner workout looked like a lot of fun except for the toes to bar. The toes to bar was going to be my worst movement. The other three were not too bad. We decided to break up the reps in small sets so that we could keep up the intensity.

The row was broken up into sets of 15 cals. This would give each partner about a minute of rest. My partner was a strong rower and he was a lot faster than I was. I pulled at a faster than normal pace and we finished the row fairly quickly. The toes to bar is where we hit a snag. I was not able to string more than three or five reps together. My abs started to cramp up after the first 10 reps. My partner scaled the toes to bar and was able to go unbroken for all his reps leaving me with a short rest time. I took longer than what I would have liked on the toes to bar but I will make it up on the double unders.

We broke up the reps into sets of 30 switching off every 20 seconds or so. This was the fastest portion of the workout for us. The last movement was just as bad as the toes to bar. We broke up the reps into sets of five but we were already running out of breath by then. We pushed till the end and finished the workout at 19:34.


Bench Press – 3×6 at 85% (185 lb.)

Bench pressing is starting to feel good again. My wrist still has a slight pain but nothing too uncomfortable. 185 lb. is lower than my actual 85% but I was happy with the workout. Slowly building up the strength again.

WOD – Fight Gone Bad Style, 4 Rounds

Power cleans (155 lb.)
Shuttle run (200 m)
Chin over bar hold

I planned to do at least seven to eight reps on the power cleans, finish the run and complete at least 40 seconds of chin over bar holds. While it was the plan, it didn’t go that well. I was able to get the reps in for the power cleans but not the other two movements. However, I’m not surprised. Gymnastics is still a weak part of my fitness that I’m actively trying to work on. It was a great workout but I under estimated it.


Strict Press – 3×7 at 60% (100 lb.), 1×2 at 90% (135 lb.), 1×10 at 60% (100 lb.)

My strength is slowly coming back. I was able to finish this workout at weights close to my old percentages. The burn out set was a killer, smoked my shoulders and triceps.

Partner WOD – AMRAP 15 Minutes

Row (200 m)
15 thrusters (45 lb.)
10 push ups

My wife and I had a great time doing this workout. The movements were not heavy or difficult but the large volume would add up towards the end of 15 minutes. The workout was split up with partners alternating movements. The workout started well. The row was quick, less than a minute per person. The thrusters didn’t feel heavy until the end of the workout and the push ups felt a lot harder than normal. The strict press did a number on my triceps and I was struggling with the push ups and thrusters by the end of the workout. We finished the workout with 8 rounds, 200m row and nine thrusters.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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