New Blog Segment: Wargame Wednesdays

With Miniature Mondays being reserved for miniature projects I decided to make a new segment for wargame related posts. Wargame Wednesdays will be for wargaming related news, projects and battle reports. Most of my posts will probably involve Warmachine and Hordes since that is the game I play the most. With Otaku Recon coming up in November, I will be making more terrain and a display board for my army. I recently added a new battle report to YouTube. It’s a 50 point game, Severius 1 vs Skarre 1. Check it out if you have the time.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

Limitless Fails Gaming Group: EpixCon Recap

EpixCon was awesome and we had a blast. We showcased our armies and did some demos. A lot of people were interested in the game and the hobby. We will probably have a display at the bigger show in November. One of the organizers liked our display and said we had the most interesting booth. He also asked us if we were interested in having a panel. Now I need to finish all the models that I’ve been putting off. We didn’t take that many pictures since we were busy playing some games and doing some demos. Check out our pictures below.