The 2017 CrossFit Open: 17.5 – Double Unders With A Side of Thrusters

By “crushed it”, I finished under 40 minutes and I didn’t pass out.

17.5 – Double Unders With A Side of Thrusters


10 Rounds: For Time
9 thrusters (95 lb.)
35 double unders

The last open workout of 2017 was not a repeat. We knew thrusters were going to be in this last workout since thrusters were in the last workout the past few opens. Fellow gym members speculated on movements and many thought it would be dumbbell thrusters, double unders and one more movement. The announcement came and we sort of predicted it (wasn’t too hard to be honest). Thrusters and double unders. This should be easy right?

Earlier in the week we did a workout that had burpees, thrusters at 135 lb. and double unders. I was feeling confident but after watching a few heats at the gym I started to get a bit worried. Guys who are a lot fitter than me were finishing 15 – 20 minutes. I knew I was going to be in for a long workout and was shooting for a time under 25 minutes.

The first few rounds of the workout went well. I was finishing the thrusters unbroken and my double unders were not too bad. I would trip myself around 20 reps or so but I was able to keep my pace. The middle of the workout was where I started to break up the thruster set. I would do five reps then four reps after a short break. I was also tripping on the double unders after five to ten reps and took a long break after each trip.

The last two rounds were brutal. I was so close to finishing and did my best to finish. I was able to string the double unders and finish those quickly but I would be extremely exhausted after. The last round of thrusters were done unbroken and I did my best trying to finish the last round of double unders unbroken as well. During the double unders, I started to hyper ventilate and I could barely breathe. I started to feel light headed but I had a few reps to go. I closed my eyes and heard 35 yelled out by my judge and immediately fell to the ground. It was tough and I finished at 23:03. I was under 25 minutes but I was hoping to be a bit faster.

I know I have a few things to work on. Breathing was key and I didn’t do it efficiently. Also, doing double unders while fatigued. I hope you’re last workout went better than mine.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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