My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): October 3 – October 9



I’m finally back in the gym! After six weeks of no exercise, I can finally lift some weight again. I will be doing the class workouts for this week and maybe next week before resuming the barbell club training. I will be trying to incorporate the class workout at least once a week.
Overhead Squat: 4×2 at 90% (195 lb.)
I wasn’t looking forward to this. After not doing any work for the past few weeks, I wasn’t sure if I could lift my 90%. I decided to take it slow and take it one set at a time. After a few sets, it became clear that I wouldn’t be able to hit my 90% and to attempt it now would risk injury. My body wasn’t used to this much strain. I decided to at least get up to my 80% (175 lb.). Did two sets at 165 lb. and then did one set at 175 lb. I’m confident that I will get back to my old self if I keep coming to the gym.
WOD – Every 3 Minutes for 18 Minutes
15 Overhead squats (75 lb.)
10 Burpee over bars
5 chest to bar pull ups
This workout was extremely difficult. The first round wasn’t too bad. I was able to get through all 15 overhead squats unbroken. The burpees however killed  me. I was breathing very hard by the time I got to the chest to bar pull ups. I did those in singles trying to catch my breath. I finished the first round in two minutes. I tried to catch my breath but a minute wasn’t long enough. I started on the second round and couldn’t finish the chest to bar pull ups under time.It was at this point that I made a decision to skip the round and rest for three minutes. I was gassed. I stripped the bar and tried to catch my breath but I couldn’t. Before I knew it, it was time for the fourth round. The overhead squats were easy but the burpees took a lot of time. I finished the burpees but I couldn’t get to the pull up bar. I decided to catch my breath and sit out the fifth round.

I was determined to finish all reps in the sixth round. It was a grind but I was able to finish the last rep of the chest to bar pull ups with 30 seconds left in the round. I felt light-headed, my legs were weak and I decided to sit down on the floor. I took me a few minutes before I was able to stand up and walk towards my water bottle. I felt better about 10 minutes after the end of the workout. Thankfully we didn’t have a buy out.

This was an eye opener. I have a lot of work to do and I’m more determined to get back to the fitness level I was before the wedding. It’s going to be a long road but I know I’ll get there.


Behind the Neck Split Jerk – 1 Rep Heavy
My quads were still sore from Monday. I pushed too hard and my legs were paying for it. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake today. I didn’t want to try and hit a PR instead, I wanted to work up to something under my current 1RM. I was able to hit 205 lb. and I think I could have done more. I was hesitant to push it though, seeing how going to hard too fast didn’t workout out for me on Monday. Next week we’ll be attempting a new 1 RM, hopefully I can set a new PR.
WOD – 15 Minute TC
Handstand push ups
Deadlift (185 lb.)
I decided to scale the deadlfit from 225 lb. to 185 lb. I haven’t deadlifted anything heavy in awhile and I didn’t want to strain my legs and back. This would also allow me to focus on my handstand push ups. The first few rounds were easy and I didn’t have any problems until the seventh round. I tried to break up the handstand push ups but my shoulders and triceps were starting to give out.
I hit the tenth round and I gave up. I had about three minutes left and I couldn’t finish. I was about four reps into the handstand push ups and I just stopped. CrossFit is very humbling. I thought I was doing great in class and then I get to a workout that takes me down a peg. I know I can get better, I just need to get to the gym!
Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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