My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): February 1 – February 7

This entry is going to be longer than other weeks since I went six days straight.


Back Squat – 5×5 at 85% (275 lb.)
I decided not to go up to 85%. I warmed up and wasn’t feeling it. I was having a difficult time at 275 lb. and I didn’t want to risk an injury. I was able to finish four sets at 275 lb. before the time ran out.
3x 3:00 AMRAP:
30 double unders
20 shoulder to overhead (75 lb.)
10 toes to bar
Rest one minute
My goal for this workout was to at least finish 1 round each set. My first set I was able to finish one round and 30 double unders. My slowest area was the shoulder to overhead and toes to bar. I was able to go unbroken on the first round of shoulder to overhead but I had to break the toes to bar reps into two sets. The second round was worse. The fatigue set in and I was only able to get through one round. I wasn’t able to finish a round in the third set. I took longer rests and was slower overall. It was rough and I only was able to finish eight toes to bar. 

AMRAP 7 minutes

7 pull ups
7 overhead squats (75 lb.)
7 burpees

We only had a minute or two of rest before we started this workout. I was super slow during this workout. The pull ups were slow. I was only able to complete them in singles. The overhead squat was also hard to complete mainly because of my wrist. I have been having wrist issues and overhead work has been taking a toll on it. I also haven’t done overhead squat work in awhile. I was able to complete this in two sets. The burpees were taxing adding to my overall fatigue. I was only able to finish two rounds of this workout.


Snatch Complex
3 power snatch + 1 overhead squat
Started by doing the Burgner warm up and some empty bar work to loosen up. Started with 75 lb. and worked up to 135 lb. I was a bit worried about my wrist but it wasn’t too bad. I stopped at 135 lb. because I could feel my form starting to go bad and time was running out. I’m happy with the workout since 135 lb. used to be my two rep max. 

WOD – FGB style

3 rounds, 1 minute per station

Flutter kicks (4 count)
Ring push ups
Superman holds
Handstand holds

This workout was a nice change of pace, my hands were thankful. Even though the workout didn’t have a barbell or gymnastics work it was plenty difficult. The hardest movements were the ring push ups and the handstand holds. I would only be able to get a few reps in before my arms would give out. I would complete at least 10 in a minute. I was able to hold the handstand for at least 40 seconds each round. The flutter kicks and superman holds were easier to get through. I was able to complete at least 30 reps of flutter kicks and at least 10 reps of superman holds.


Back Squat – 6×2 80% (275 lb.)
Another day of back squat maintenance. I was able to get in a full six sets this session but I didn’t increase the weight to 285 lb. for my actual 80%. The squats felt great and my knee felt better after the warm up.
Fran: 21-16-9
Thrusters (95 lb.)
Pull ups
After doing well in the 15.5 retest, I wanted to retest Fran. Today was my chance and I was going to go hard! That was my plan, but that is not what happened. I was able to get through the thrusters but the pull ups were another story. I was very slow, only doing a few reps at a time. I was also resting longer than usual. I finished this workout at 7:39, 32 seconds slower than my last time. I thought I was going to do a lot better this time. I wanted to at least a minute faster. I didn’t do as well but I can at least learn from it. I need to work on my pull ups. I need to do more strength work and work on my kip. I was kipping the pull ups but I couldn’t find a rhythm. I was only able to string a few reps together. I will add in some more strict pull up work.


Power Clean, 3 Rep Max (Touch and Go)

I was able to complete three reps at 175 lb. which was surprising. I’ve been having issues trying to re grip the bar after a rep. I would use a hook grip for the first rep but use a regular grip for the other reps. I’m not sure if I could have went heavier, the reps were getting harder to complete with good form. I’m happy with my progress since my old squat clean 1RM used to be 185 lb. 

Partner WOD

AMRAP, 12 minutes

9 power cleans (135 lb.)
12 row (cals.)
24 double unders

I like doing partner workouts. I tend to rest less and push myself to keep up. We alternated movements instead of each person completing a round each. This way, we kept moving instead of resting too long. We kept a good pace throughout the workout. We had enough recovery time between each movement, and I didn’t have to slow down on the intensity. We finished this workout with eight total rounds completed.


Back Squat – 4×4 at 90% (315 lb.)
90% is the heaviest I’ve gone since this squat cycle started. I felt good on Monday and I was eager to squat heavy. I took a bit longer to warm up since I haven’t lifted this heavy in awhile. I’m still looking out for my knee as well. I was able to get up to 305 lb. for two sets of four and then 315 lb. for the last two sets. I wanted to get in another set at 315 lb. but I ran out of time. 


For time

50 chest to bar pull ups
50 wall balls (20 lb.)
50 row (cals.)

The hardest part of this workout was going to be the chest to bars. I’m still weak at that movement and I can’t do many at one time. I would do as many reps as I could before scaling. I was able to do ten before I had to scale. It took me almost a minute and I realized I wasn’t going to finish if I didn’t scale to regular pull ups. I broke up the reps into fives and eventually singles. I went a bit quicker after scaling but it still took me awhile to get those last few pull ups.

Wall balls are a strong movement for me and I was able to get through these reps. I broke up the reps into sets of 10 which were manageable. The row was a grind. I was feeling the effects of the wall balls as well as the squats. It was tough but I focused on each pull and zoned out. I finished the workout at 13:38.


Snatch, 1 rep heavy
I spent Saturday working on snatches. After working on cleans the week before, I decided to switch to snatches. I’m very weak at snatches and it’s something I want to improve on. I started warming up with 75 lb. and focusing on form. I haven’t snatched heavy in awhile and all I have been doing in class is power snatches. I would stay at a certain weight until I was able to get at least three reps before adding more. I was able to get to 145 lb. but I started missing lifts.
145 lb. is about 94% of my 1RM. I was only able to successfully hit this weight once out of six tries. After my fourth miss, I decided to call it a day. A big issue was getting under the bar. My lack of experience really shows in this area. One of my coaches commented that I had the power but not the speed. I need to work on getting into that bottom position. I will try to get more sessions in over the next few weeks.
Lift Heavy and Level Up!



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