My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): January 25 – January 31

Sorry everyone for the delay. I’m also trying out this graphic for this segment of the blog.


Back Squat – 6×2 at 80% (285 lb.)
Starting off the week with back squats. Like previous weeks tried my best to hit my numbers. I was only able to complete five sets at 80%, with one set at 75%. It was a great session, but I ran out of time.
WOD – 30 minute time cap
Run 200m
21 thrusters (75 lb.)
21 pull ups
Run 200m
15 thrusters (75 lb.)
15 pull ups
Run 200m
9 thrusters (75 lb)
9 pull ups
Rest 5 minutes
5 rounds
15 toes to bar
15 power cleans (95 lb.)
Rest 5 minutes
Max effort burpees, 3 minutes
As you can imagine, this workout was tough. I had to scale this workout because I knew I wasn’t going to finish on time. I treated it like Fran but I did go faster. The thrusters were okay, since it was only 75 lb. The pull ups were a bit difficult but I managed to power through it. I broke up the reps into small sets which helped.Finished the first part of this workout at 10 minutes and rested the full time.The second part of this workout was harder than the first part, mainly because of the toes to bar. The power cleans were done almost unbroken but I had to scale the toes to bar. I was tired by this point and I took a lot of time between rounds. I finished this part of the workout at 25 minutes. I didn’t get to start the max effort burpees.


Gymnastics Skill Work

I worked on dips and handstand push ups. The reps were 6×6 and all the movements were strict. It was difficult but I was able to get through it. I’m getting stronger on the rings, and my handstand push ups are getting better.

WOD – 20 minute time cap.

3 rounds

15 overhead squats (95 lb.)
50 double unders
Rest 3 minutes
20 lateral burpee (over barbell)
15 handstand push ups
10 power snatches (95 lb.)
15 handstand push ups
20 lateral burpees (over barbell)


I wasn’t able to finish this workout under the time cap or Rx. The initial weight for both bar movements was 135 lb. The overhead squats were harder than expected, even with a scaled weight. I wasn’t able to get a rhythm, and it took me a lot longer to finish the reps. The double unders were not too bad, was able to do at least half unbroken. The burpees were the hardest part of the second half. The handstand push ups and power snatches were quick but the burpees felt like forever.


Back Squat –  6×6 at 80% (275 lb.)
That’s a lot of reps. I wasn’t able to finish all the sets because of time. My legs felt great, they were not sore from Monday. My body might be starting to adapt to the work load. I was able to finish four of the six sets at 275 lb.
Partner WOD 
14 minute AMRAP
4 power cleans (135 lb.)
4 front squats (135 lb.)
4 shoulder to overhead (135 lb.)
Partnered with my fiance for this workout. Everything went great, we moved quickly but I had to rest longer. I would complete each round unbroken but I would take at least 30 seconds before my round. My fiance scaled her weight but she was quick. I wished she was slower so I could get more rest. She did great. We managed to finish five rounds each.


Back Squat – 6×2 at 80% (285 lb.)
I actually completed all the sets at 80% after deciding not to scale the weight. My legs felt great and I warmed up for about 20 minutes before the class. It wasn’t too bad, the last two sets were a struggle but I got through it. Thankfully I didn’t need a spot.
For time
20 back squats at 50% 1RM (165 lb.)
Run 1 mile
20 back squats at 50% 1RM (165 lb.)
Run 1 mile
I can’t remember the last time I hated a workout. Usually most workouts are fun but this one was horrible. The back squats were done from the floor and I almost lost my balance the first time I tried to load the bar on my back. Thankfully I was able to gain control and not drop the weight. I was able to finish all the reps unbroken. The mile run was a different story. I paced myself but I wasn’t quick. I haven’t ran a mile in awhile and this was another sign that I needed to run more. When I got back to the box, my quads were on fire. I powered through it and started on my second round of squats. I was able to finish this round unbroken as well but my quads were super tight on the run. I finally finished at 29:30, close to last in the class. I need to run more.


Heavy Cleans
I worked on cleans this day. I haven’t been doing many oly lifts and came in on a Saturday to work on them. Since I haven’t done heavy reps in awhile I decided to focus on cleans. I started low and worked up to my 1 rep max. One of the coaches told me to add five pounds to the bar just in case I make it, it would be a new PR. I managed to lift 230 lb. for a new PR! I wanted to add more weight but I could feel some strain in my elbow. I called it a day right after. If I’m able to come in again next Saturday, I’ll work on my snatches.
Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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