My Week As RX (Probably Scaled): January 4 – January 10


Back Squat 
10 at 50% (195 lb.)
6 at 60% (225 lb.)
5 at 70% (255 lb.)
5 at 80% (275 lb.)
ME at 80% (275 lb.)
We started a new squat cycle this week starting with back squats. I haven’t done squats in awhile and I was excited to get back into it. I based all my weights off of my one rep max of 355 lb. The weights were a little higher than my actual percentage since I was working with other people. The weights are about 4% higher.I felt a bit awkward during the warm up and during my set of 50%. After warming up a bit, I started feeling more confident. I was focusing on being more explosive coming out of the bottom but I think I may have overdone it. My last set at 80% I managed to finish seven reps and failed on my eighth rep.


21-15-9, 7 minute time cap
Power cleans (115 lb.)
Strict ring dips
2 minute rest
5 rounds, 7 minute time cap
10 burpees
10 deadlifts (135 lb.)
2 minute rest
Max effort double unders, 2 minutes

This workout was terrible. I had a lot of fun, but I was laying on the floor for a few minutes after. I decided to scale the power cleans and strict ring dips on the first part of the workout. The original weight for the power cleans was 135 lb. and I did push ups instead of ring dips. Despite my scaling I wasn’t able to finish the workout under time cap. I was about to start on the power cleans on the round of nine. I was confident in finishing under time cap but I hit a wall after the first round of 21.

During the second workout I was only able to finish three rounds. The two minute rest helped but it wasn’t enough to give me that second wind. The burpees and deadlifts were a grind. I wanted to go faster but my arms were weak from the cleans and push ups. The deadlifts were not too bad since I broke them up into sets of five.

The two minute rest was not enough but thankfully the workout was almost over. I wasn’t able to keep a consistent number of double unders going. I would complete a few then break. I was tired and couldn’t keep a consistent jump. I completed 60 double unders in two minutes. It’s not a great result but I did my best.


Gymnastics Skill
Worked on the same set of handstand skills as last week. Progress has been slow but I’m getting the hang of some of the drills. Need to work on the free standing handstand and should taps.
Tabata Fight Gone Bad
Wall ball (20 lb.)
Sumo deadlift high pull (75 lb.)
Box jumps (20 in.)
Push press (75 lb.)
Row (cals)

Tuesdays workout was tabata Fight Gone Bad. The last time I did this workout was two years ago. I did not Rx the weights and I had a total of 24 reps. I decided to do all the work Rx to gauge my progress. I started on the sumo deadlift high pulls, which were not too bad. I’m still a little awkward with the movements but after the first round I was getting the hang of it. I was able to finish six reps per round. The box jumps were okay, it was only 20 inches which made it a bit easier. I also finished the box jumps with at least six reps per round. I was able to keep a constant pace of seven reps per round on the push pres and five calories per round on the rower. My legs were dead when I got to the wall balls. I was only able to complete at least three reps. I was able to PR this workout by three reps and Rx the weight. I’m excited by how much I’ve improved over the years. I can’t wait for the next repeat workout.


My legs were sore and my knee was also giving me trouble over Wednesday and Thursday. I went crazy on the squats and I paid for it. I’ll be sure to warm up longer and increase the weight gradually.
Back Squat 
10 at 50% (135 lb.)
6 at 60% (165 lb.)
5 at 70% ( 195lb.)
5 at 80% (225 lb.)
ME at 80% (225 lb.)
This was the same workout as Monday but I decided to take it easy. I dropped the weight by 50 lb. since I didn’t want to risk more injury. I stretched out before class and did a longer warm up before I started. My legs were still sore but I was determined to finish a few sets. I was able to finish all the sets with the reduced weight and complete five reps on the last set.

“Fast n Furious” – Every two minutes 

400 m run
Max effort wall balls (20 lb.)
400 m run
Max effort American kettlebell swings (54 lb.)
400 m run
Max effort push ups
400 m run
Max effort sit ups
400 m run
Max effort double unders

“Slow and mild” is a better description of how I performed during this workout. My goal for this workout was to finish the run under 1:30 and have at lest 10 reps on all max effort movements. The first round was okay. I finished the run at 55 seconds and that’s when I knew, the next four rounds were going to suck. I finished the runs gradually slower with the slowest run time being 1:40. I was almost able to complete 10 reps for all max effort movements. I came up short during the sit ups since I only had 15 seconds left in the round. I hate running but it’s a great skill that I need to work on. If I lose weight, I’m sure my times would be faster as well.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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