My Week As RX (Probably Scaled): December 28 – January 3

Happy New Year! Still catching up with some posts but at least this one is recent.


Gymnastics Skill
Worked on some gymnastics skills. Started out doing some handstand drills, 3 x 20 seconds each. Started with freestanding handstands with help from a spotter and shoulder taps. The shoulder taps were scaled to trying to lift each hand off the ground. I don’t have the strength or the balance to do shoulder taps while hand standing. The next set of skills were 3 x 10 seconds each of handstand t’s and handstand walks. Handstand t’s are entry practice for handstand walks. Next up were actual handstand walks. I’m not able to do many steps on the handstand walks and decided to use the wall for assistance. I would be a few feet from the wall and then try to walk to it. I’m still horrible at it but I’m getting better.
Loredo – 25 minute time cap
6 rounds:
24 air squats
24 push ups
24 walking lunge
400 m run
This was my first time attempting this hero wod. I was worried about the run but it was everything else that killed me. It didn’t hit me until the second round how much the air squats and the walking lunges were going to work my legs. The run wasn’t too bad, since I kept a constant pace. My legs were on fire after the second round but I tried to stay consistent. It was tough, I had to break up everything. The air squats and lunges were done in tens and the push ups were broken up into sets of five or six. Surprisingly, I didn’t walk during the run. I finished the workout with only four rounds completed at time cap.
I was only able to workout one day this week. I did a few hobby stuff with the guys from LFGG and I took some time off during the new year holiday. I hope everyone had an enjoyable new year!
Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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