My Week as RX (Probably Scaled): September 21 – September 27


Deadlift – 6×2 at 80% 1RM (335 lb.)

Today’s strength portion was a lot better than last week. I was able to find a “rhythm” in my deadlifts and my body felt a lot better. I was focusing on form, keeping my hips back and staying on my heels. My lower back still tightened up but I was expecting it.
WOD – In 20 minutes: 21 power snatches, run 200 m, 15 overhead squats, run 200 m, 9 hang squat snatch, run 200m. Rest 3 minutes. In remaining time AMRAP: 5 lateral burpee over bar, 5 front squats, 5 push press. Bar weight 75 lb. 
I decided to go with a lighter weight at the beginning of the the workout, the RX weight was 95 lb. My main concern was going to be the power snatches. I was comfortable with the overhead squats and the hang squat snatch at 95 lb. but 21 power snatches were going to be a problem. I was also concerned about the run after the deadlifts.

I was able to breeze through the snatches. I finished the 21 reps under 50 seconds but the run really slowed me down. I wasn’t able to run as fast since I my lower back was very tight. Was able to go unbroken on the overhead squats and hang snatches but the 200 m run rough. Finished this part of the WOD under 10 minutes. I was only able to finish 3 rounds in the second half.

Weighted Plank Hold – 3×60 seconds, 30 seconds rest. 35 lb.

Decided to go up 10 lb., third round was the hardest, dropped to my knees for about 5 seconds.


Warm Up –  60 du’s, 20 kb swings, 5 burpees, 45 du’s, 15 kb swings, 5 burpees, 30 du’s, 10 kb swings, 5 burpees. KB swings – Russian, 45 lb.
Managed to finish this workout under 5 minutes. The hardest part was the double unders. My forearms gave out into the third round which slowed me down.

Run – 1000 m, for time (5:59)

Not sure if the KB swing from the warm up tired me out but my lower back was on fire. I ran considerably slower than normal on this run. Finished this run in 5:59, 29 seconds slower than my last record. Need to test this when we’re not on a deadlift cycle.

Deadlift – 6×6 at 80% (315 lb.)

6×6 is a lot, especially at that weight! I decided to lower my weight just to complete this strength workout in time. It’s about 75% of my 1RM.  I like the structure of this class. The strength portion was at the end, giving us the rest of the class period all the time to finish. I didn’t really feel rushed and finished in time with a good amount of rest between sets.


Deadlift – 6×2 at 80% (335 lb.)

After improving my form over the week, my lower felt better after Wednesday which made this deadlift workout easier to complete. Two reps are manageable at 80%. I think the cycle is going to pick up next week, probably going up to 85% – 90%. I hope the rep scheme is low.

WOD – Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes: 10 toes to bar, 15 air squats, 1 clean and jerk complex. Clean and jerk complex – 3 Power cleans + Jerk, 70% 1RM (145 lb.).

This workout was fun, except around minute 8 when fatigue started to set in. I thought I did well in the toes to bar, I could feel my lats engage and my form stayed consistent. The clean and jerks were not too bad either, I still need to work on my oly lifts. I slowed down around the fourth round. Fatigue set in and I wasn’t able to complete my toes to bar quickly.

WOD 2 – AMRAP 7 minutes: 30 push press (95 lb.), max row.

The RX weight for this workout was 135 lb. but after the previous workout, I wasn’t sure if I could have handled that weight. I decided to scale down to 95 lb. which I thought would have been manageable. During the workout I could feel my quads tightening up. Not sure how long I could have gone with the weight at 135 lb. Finished the 30 push press before 3 minutes and hopped on the rower. If I could have kept a 2:00 per 500 m pace I would have been able to hit at least a 1k row. The row was difficult and I wasn’t pulling as hard as I usually do. My pace was about 2:15 per 500 m, but I picked it up at a minute left in the workout. I was able to finish with 920 m, rowed. 

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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