My Week as RX (Probably Scaled): August 24 – 30


Pause Back Squat (3 Seconds) – 5×3 at 60% (215 lb.)
I took a long time to warm up, weight felt heavier than usual. I was able to power through under the time limit. 
WOD – 12 minutes: Run 1 mile, max power cleans with remaining time. Rest 3 minutes. 10 minutes: AMRAP – 6 Front Squats, 6 Push Jerks, 6 Toes to Bar.
At first glance this WOD looks like a grind. It’s 25 minutes of work and not much rest except for the 3 minutes after the power cleans. I wasn’t as quick on the run since it was just after the squats, my legs felt like jello. I was able to finish the run in about 9 minutes, and finish 20 max cleans. After the 3 minute rest I managed to finish 4 rounds, 6 front squats, 6 push jerks, and 3 toes to bar.


Skill Work – Pull Ups
Worked on strict chest to bar pull ups, kipping pull ups and toes to bar. I like gymnastic skill days, they give me time to work on pull strength. Need to more strength for the muscle up.
WOD – 15-12-9, Deadlifts (225 lb.), Lateral Burpee over Barbell, Run 200m 
I was going to scale this workout but I decided against it. 225 lb. is about 60% of my 1RM and I wanted to push myself. I was sure the burpees and the run will be the limiting factors in this workout which made recovering from the deadlifts a little easier. I broke up the deadlifts into 2 sets each with a 10 second rest between sets. I didn’t break up the burpees but did them at a constant pace. I finished the WOD in 9:40.


Did a short warm up consisting of air squats, pvc shoulder rotations and good mornings to warm up our legs, hips and shoulders. 
Overhead Squat 1 Rep Max – 205 lb.
I wrote about this in a previous post here. 
WOD – Partner Morrison 50-40-30-20-10, Wall Balls (20 lb.), Box Jumps, Kettle Bell Swings (24 kg)
Managed to finish this wod in 16:40, but I think I was too slow. My partner for this wod was pretty quick and didn’t seem to slow down at all. I managed to do all my Wall Ball sets unbroken as well as KB swings. My limiter was box jumps since I couldn’t jump all my sets, I would switch between jumping and step ups.


Snatch Skill Work
Did some work on snatch positions and lat activation. I still have to work on activating my lats during snatches.
3 Position Power Snatch (Ground, Hang, Power) – 135 lb.
Worked up to a 1 rep heavy for this one. Started at 95 lb. and finished at 135 lb. I’m not sure if I could have went heavier. 135 lb. is ≈ 87% of my 1 rep max for snatches. 
Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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