My Week as RX (Probably Scaled): August 10 – August 16

I wanted to keep track of my workouts and decided to add them to the blog. Now I have a written record of my training that I can reference.


Started off Tuesday with lat and shoulder warm up and then moved on to the skill portion of the day. The skill portion was a chest to bar complex and toes to bar.

6×2 – 1 strict chest to bar, 2 kipping chest to bar, 3 toes to bar (Unbroken)

I wasn’t able to complete this skill portion because my grip started to fail, my hands were starting to feel a bit raw and I wanted to save my hands for the WOD.

WOD – 3 Toes to Bar, 3 KB SDHP (Reps increase by 3 after each round)

I was a bit conservative during the WOD since I didn’t want to tear but managed to make it to the fifth round before time ran out. After the WOD, I spent about ten minutes on mobility.


Did a short five minute warm up of Double unders and overhead squats before we went into the strength portion.

6×3 – Overhead Squats at 80% of 1RM (165 lb.)

The overhead squat is not one of my strong lifts. I need to work on keeping my hips back and not bending at the knee first. I’m slowly improving and the lifts are becoming easier.

WOD – 400m, 50 burpees, 800m, 50 burpees, 400m

This WOD was rough. Two movements that I do not like, running and burpees. I managed to finish in 24 minutes but it was a grind. Finished the class with some mobility.


Thursday was another skill day focusing on core strength and hand stand push ups. The warm up was a 500 m row and then four, fifteen second holds. The holds were a head stand, a hand stand, a L-sit from a bar and a ring support. The skill portion was broken up into two complexes.

6×2 – 1 Ring Push up, 2 ring plank

The ring planks are very similar to an “ab-wheel” plank.

6×1 – 2 Strict Deficit HSPU, 6 Kipping HSPU, Max Effort Kipping HSPU

I used two 45 plates for my deficit and managed to finish four of the six sets. I ran out of time since I took a longer rest period in between sets.

WOD: 4 RFT: 25 Bench Press at 75% body weight, 500m row, 4 minutes of rest between rounds.

Wasn’t able to do this WOD Rx since it would take forever for me to complete. 75% of my body weight would be 150 lb. I decided to scale down to 50% of my body weight. I manged to finish the WOD in 24 minutes. Finished the class with some mobility.


Started the class with 10 minutes of mobility and then started the strength portion.

6×5 – Back Squat at 75% of 1RM

Did the squats at 265 lb. and they felt great. I struggled a bit in the fifth set but other than that, manged to get through it without any issues. I realized it’s easier to get your hips back during back squats than overhead squats.

WOD –  Reverse Tabata: Row (Cal), Ski Erg (Cal), Box Jumps and Air Dyne.

This WOD is very deceiving. Manged to stay consistent throughout the workout and movements. Finished the class with some mobility.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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