Vlog 51: Dave & Busters, San Diego

Vlog 51: Dave & Busters, San Diego

Michelle was off today so we decided to do something fun. We haven’t been to Dave and Busters since moving to San Diego and we wanted to play some games together.

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Vlog 35: Apex Legends

Vlog 35: Apex Legends

The weather is not cooperating so I decided to check out a new game on the PS4, Apex Legends
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Destiny DLC: House of Wolves!

House of Wolves poster

Finally, after a long content lull the House of Wolves DLC has finally dropped and I wasn’t prepared. It was mostly due to no power. The typhoon that hit Guam over the weekend messed up my plans but thankfully everyone is safe and no real damage was done. My backyard mango tree was the only casualty. So far, I am happy with this new piece of content. The Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris look fun and interesting. Even though a raid did not come with this DLC the new game types are welcomed. The reef looks great but it’s not as big as the tower. The reef and tower will both be important since none of the original faction vendors will be available in the reef.

I’m excited for the next few weeks as I progress through the content and hopefully it lasts until the Comet drops in a few months. I’m still waiting for a few games to be released but it might be a long wait. If you play on the PS4, add my PSN: H8terade_671.