My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): April 24 – April 30

I had a wisdom tooth removed and was only able to get one day in this week.


Front Squat – 7×5 at 65% (90 kg.)

It wasn’t a heavy weight but it was tough. The current squat cycle has been focused on back squats and I’ve been neglecting my front squats. I felt the rust after warming up but I was able to push through and finish six sets at 90 kg. before time ended.


Partner Mule in Paris – 12 Minute Time Cap

1 squat clean thruster (60 kg.)
2 squat clean thruster (60 kg.)
3 squat clean thruster (60 kg.)
…. until time cap

This was my first time doing this workout and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Squat clean thrusters (clusters) are fun but not at 20+ reps. Thankfully, this was a partner workout and I would have some time to recover. I decided to do the reps in singles since it would be easier for me to maintain a good pace in the later rounds. Initially it wasn’t too bad, rounds two and four were done at a steady pace. Rounds six and eight had to be broken up. The front squats we did earlier in the day were hard on the legs. I pushed on and did my best to break it up the reps and keep a constant pace. We finished round nine and two reps into round 10. My legs were sore after that workout but I had the weekend to rest.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!