My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): February 6 – February 19

It has been a crazy few weeks and I’m slowly catching up. I condensed the last few weeks into one post.


Power Clean – 5 Rep Max

I haven’t done many cleans lately since we have been focusing on deadlifts. I haven’t done a five rep max before and I was excited to see how far I would get. I warmed up to 60 kg and went up from there. I added 10 kg each set and was able to complete five reps at 80 kg. I attempted to do them at 90 kg but the reps were not touch and go so I did not count it. I was able to complete three reps quickly but failed the fourth rep. After a quick reset I was able to complete each rep. Overall, I’m happy with the results and it shows my progress. Hopefully next time I will be able to complete all five at 90 kg.Power Snatch – 5 Rep Max

Like the power cleans that were done, a power snatch five rep max was programmed. I was equally excited to see how far I’ve come with snatches. I do not have a five rep max for power snatches but I did have a two rep max, 135 lb. My goal for this session was to complete five reps at 135 lb. Since snatches are my worst lift, I took it a bit slow in the beginning. I warmed up with the bar and loaded 95 lb. I’ve been having trouble with my right wrist but I did my best to stretch it out and used wrist wraps.

After warming up I loaded 135 lb. on the bar. My first rep felt light which gave me a lot of confidence. I was able to complete the five reps fairly easily. I loaded 145 lb. on the bar and tried to complete five reps. I fell short at only three reps before I had to set the bar down. I didn’t complete five but at least I finished five at 135 lb. Another great day at the gym!



75 power snatch (75 lb.)

My most memorable workout of the past few weeks was Randy. My previous time was 11:40 but I felt I could beat it. The power snatch five rep max from the previous week gave me confidence. I would have to be smart about pacing. I wanted to finish this workout in six minutes which would be about 13 reps a minute. I treated the workout like an EMOM. I knew the reps would catch up to me towards the end of the workout but I hoped I would be able to push through.

The workout started off great. I finished 13 reps in thirty seconds and was able to continue on pace until the fourth minute. This is where it started going down hill. I was able to complete 10 reps but it took me 45 seconds. I was at 49 reps at this point and I wanted to finish strong. I couldn’t push my body to lift the weight so I broke it up into smaller sets. I completed 70 reps at seven minutes. I took a few deep breaths and finished the last five at 7:25. I didn’t reach my goal of six minutes but I set a new PR!

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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