My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): October 17 – October 23


Three Position Power Clean – Find a 1Rep HeavyAfter taking it easy the past few weeks, I wanted to lift some heavy weight. I wanted to get to 185 lb. at the very least. After warming up and lifting 135 lb. then 165 lb. I decided to go for it. I loaded 185 lb. on the bar and completed the lifts. My grip was starting to give out so I opted not to try for 195 lb. At least I know, I can still lift this much weight. Next time, I’ll definitely go for something heavier.


WOD 1 – 2xAMRAP 3 Minutes
5 power cleans (135 lb.)
30 double unders

This first workout was a fun. I wasn’t worried about the power cleans, especially after the complex. The double unders on the other hand were going to hurt. I have a tendency to mess them up when I get too tired. My goal for this workout was two rounds each.The first set was fun, I was able to complete all the reps unbroken. I did take a short rest after each movement, pacing myself for the three minutes. I was able to complete two rounds in the first set. The second set was much more difficult especially on the double unders. I kept messing up my double unders and I almost didn’t finish my second round. I still finished but I was exhausted by the end. I hope I could find the energy to complete the next workout.


WOD 2 – 2xAMRAP 3 Minutes
5 front squats (135 lb.)
10 handstand push ups
My goal for this workout was less ambitious. I just wanted to complete one round in three minutes. After looking at the reps, it seemed easy but I quickly found out how hard it was going to be. I still haven’t recovered from the last workout and we started this one. The front squats were fairly easy. It was the handstand push ups that did me in. I finished my first round at a minute thirty but I didn’t start on a second. I was exhausted by this point and opted to rest for the remainder of the time. I wanted to at least finish one round in the set. I struggled with the front squats, and almost dropped the bar before the last rep. I took about two minutes to complete ten handstand push ups. I almost gave up. My arms felt like jello but I pushed through the pain and finished the last rep right before the coaches called time. It was only two rounds but I felt like I did twenty.


WOD – 3 Rounds

Row (500 m)
21 burpees
Run (400 m)

I have done this workout before but I didn’t finish. My goal for this one was to finish, hopefully before the time cap. The first round went by quickly. I kept a pace of about two minutes per 500 m and the burpees were broken up into sets of 10 and 11 reps. The run is where I ran into trouble. During the run, my right calf started to cramp. I stopped for a few seconds to stretch it but I couldn’t run as fast. I took a minute or two to stretch before I hopped on the rower for round three. Stretching did the trick and my leg felt better. The last two rounds were a struggle. I was moving very sluggishly but I was still determined to finish. I finished the workout at 23:36.


WOD – “FGB Style” 4 Rounds
Double unders
Wall balls (20 lb.)
Hand release push ups

We started the workout before going onto the barbell skill/strength. This is another workout I have done before so my goal was to beat those numbers. I needed to at least hit 70+ reps per round. I knew I would do well on the double unders but the wall balls and push ups were going to be challenging. The first time I picked up the 20 lb. ball, I knew this was going to be the hardest movement. I don’t remember 20 lb. being that heavy! Hopefully the adrenaline will kick in and it will not feel too heavy. The first round went well. I finished 70 double unders and 15 wall balls and 15 hand release push ups. I went hard on the double unders that I was out of breath doing the push ups.I tried to catch my breath but I didn’t have enough time. I just hoped I would be able to keep up for the next three rounds. The double unders did not go as well as the first round. I would mess up but I would at least get 50 reps. I would only be able to get around 10-13 reps on the wall balls and about 10-13 reps on the hand release push ups. I was able to stay above my 70+ goal for reps and I hit a new PR by 43 reps!


Clean Complex – Find 1 Rep Heavy


Clean High Pull + Power Clean + Clean

After completing the three position clean complex earlier in the week, I started to gain more confidence in my Olympic lifts. My goal for this complex was 205 lb. Working up to 205 lb. wasn’t too hard. I felt comfortable in all my lifts which elevated my confidence to go for 205 lb. The high pull felt great. It was heavy but I was able to get it to a good height. The power clean and clean felt smooth with the only struggle coming from the squat out of the clean. I felt good after finishing but I didn’t want to go heavier. I wanted to save my legs for next week.
Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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