My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): June 13 – June 19


WOD – AMRAP 7 Minutes
7 power snatch (75 lb.)
7 knees to elbow
I wanted to complete at least five rounds of this workout. Looking at the movements, the knees to elbows (K2E) were going to slow me down. I was comfortable with the power snatches but the K2E was going to give me a hard time. I was able to keep a good pace of a round every minute for the first three but I slowed down considerably. I couldn’t keep up with my K2E pace. I broke up my sets from 3-4 a set with about 15-20 seconds of rest in between. I had to break up the last set of power snatches into a set of five and two. I finished the workout with 5 rounds.


Snatch – 2×2 at 60% (95 lb.), 2×2 at 70% (110 lb.), 2×2 at 80% (125 lb.)I noticed that I need to adjust my pull for certain weights. At 70% and 80% I would pull too hard and end up catching the bar in a power snatch. I adjusted the power on the pull and was able to catch the bar in squat. Still need to work on my snatches.

Push Press –  1 Rep Heavy
I haven’t done a heavy push press since February and I was eager to complete a heavy push press. My 3RM is at 185 lb. which estimated my potential 1RM at 205-210. I started warming up to 185 and started doing singles. I had to re do a rep or two because I would slightly redip. I completed the rep at 205 lb. and could have went heavier but I decided against it because if time.
Snatch Pull – 3×3 at 85% (135 lb.)

I’m starting to like pulls and they’re starting to feel better.


1/4 Front Squat – 3×3 at 60% (205 lb.)


Went up 15 lb. from last time time I did this workout. It was just as difficult as last time. I had to control my breathing and keep my chest up. It was rough but I got it done.

Clean and Jerk Complex – 5×1 at 75% (170 lb.)

1 power clean + 3 jerks

The clean and jerks were not too bad. I tried to keep the rest at two minutes between reps. My jerks are improving and hopefully I get more confidant with higher weights.

Snatch Pull – 3×3 at 85% (135 lb.)


Same as Wednesday and just as great. All the pulls felt good, and I didn’t make too many errors. Great way to end the week.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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