My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): May 16 – May 22



WOD – 10 Minute EMOM
2 power clean + 1 push jerk (165 lb.)
This wasn’t a hard workout since the weight was light. I focused more on my catch position since I tend to stand straight when the weight is too light. I wasn’t too tired by the end, it was a fun workout.
Front Squat – Find Your 3 Rep Max
I haven’t tested heavy front squats in awhile. The heaviest was 90% a week or so ago. My previous three rep max was 260 lb. and I wanted to hit a PR this week. After warming up I started at 265 lb. and worked up to 275 lb. reaching a new PR! Now I need to test a new 1RM.


Front Squat – Find a 2 Rep Heavy
The description on the workout was no PR’s. I decided to work up to my new 3RM. I was only able to get up to 245 lb. I wasn’t feeling it. My form didn’t feel great and I had a hard time keeping my elbows up. I stopped since I didn’t want to get hurt.
3 Position Power Snatch

The front squats didn’t feel the best but I wanted to make it up on the snatch. My heaviest weight for this workout was 125 lb. So I would use that as my weight gauge. I worked up to 135 lb. but it wasn’t the best. The ground and hang were good, I moved well but the lift from the power position wasn’t great. I didn’t get under the bar quick enough, and I pressed out a bit. I hope it was fatigue.

Split Jerk (Behind the Neck) – 5×3 at 75% (165 lb.)

I haven’t been practicing split jerks from behind the neck so I decided not to rush the weight. At 135 lb. the weight felt light so I decided to go straight to 165 lb. The lifts were great, the hardest part of the workout was lowering the bar on my back. I wasn’t using blocks so I couldn’t just drop the weight. It was a fun workout.


Strict Press – 8×4 at 75% (125 lb.)


This was a grind. I took a few minutes in between sets. I struggled with my form towards the end but I finished eventually.

Power Snatch – 9 Minute EMOM
1 Power Snatch at 75% 1RM (115 lb.)
I focused on making each rep, a good rep. The weight was easy to manage and I didn’t rush my set up time.
FGB Style, 4 Rounds
Row (cal.)
Burpee over Rower
Alternating goblet lunge (54 lb.)
This was tough. I tried to stay consistant with all movements but I hit a wall in the third round. I was short a few reps for each movement but I was able to pick it back up on the fourth round. My totals for the rounds were 36, 36, 29, 36.


Strict Press – 10×3 at 80% (135 lb.)
This took me nearly 45 minutes to complete. I had to take a few minutes in between sets to rest. I got it done eventually.
Clean Complex – 3×3 at 70% (160 lb.)
Halting Clean Deadlift + Hang Power Clean + Front Squat
I still need to work on my first pull and my hang cleans. My butt is alittle high on the pull. My hang clean still needs some tweaking. I was beat after this workout so I decided not to do the WOD.


Power Clean and Jerk – Find 1 Rep Heavy
I was able to hit a 215 lb. power clean and jerk. My current clean and jerk is 215 lb. I didn’t want to attempt a heavier weight since I wanted to save some energy for the WOD.
Partner WOD
60 power snatches (75 lb.)
30 synchronized burpees
40 clean and jerks (115 lb.)
20 synchronized burpees
20 thrusters (135 lb.)
10 synchronized burpees
I did this workout with my fiance and it went very well. The work was split evenly and the burpees were done together. We decided on sets of five, since it would give us enough rest. The snatches felt great. I was able to go five straight without much of a problem, and my fiance was just as quick. The burpees were tough but we got through it. We would take a short break every ten reps. The clean and jerks were done in sets of five as well. The weight wasn’t too heavy and I was able to get through it quickly. The thrusters were the hardest part. The weight felt a lot heavier but it was probably fatigue. We got through the workout in 18:05.


Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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