My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): March 28 – April 3



I attempted 16.5 toady and was able to hit a PR! Check out the post HERE.


Power Clean 1RM
We have been doing a lot of heavy power clean workouts lately and I was excited to test out my max. I warmed up to about 195 lb. and decided to go for 210 lb. as my PR. My attempt felt great but I did catch the bar a bit lower than normal. I took a three minute rest and attempted 215 lb. I struggled a bit but I was able to catch the bar high enough. I was caught a bit off balance but I was able to recover and finish.
Partner WOD
16 Minute AMRAP 

6 pull ups
9 power cleans (95 lb.)
12 toes to bar

This was a fun partner workout and I was excited to do it. My partner and I decided to split the reps by alternating movements. I would start on the pull ups and then he would do the power cleans and I would finish with toes to bar. I wanted to finish eight rounds, which would put us at a round every two minutes. I felt this was achievable since my partner and I are similar in fitness. The toes to bar would probably be our hardest movement. I’m still not great at it but hopefully I can recover between rounds.

We started out great, doing the first round in under a minute. I knew we would be able to keep this pace so I decided to slow down a bit so that we wouldn’t die out halfway through the workout. We were able to keep going at a steady pace until the sixth round. My partner and I had to take longer breaks between movements which slowed our pace. We completed eight rounds, six pull ups and nine power cleans.


Back Squat – 6×2 at 70% (265 lb.)
Squats! I miss squatting heavy. Since our last max day, I’ve been meaning to start squatting more. Now that the open is over, I can get back to doing more heavy stuff. I was also thinking of doing more oly training as well. The squats felt great but I need to work on my form especially at the bottom. I noticed that my core is not tight when I hit the bottom. That was a big reason why I wasn’t able to hit higher numbers last time. I was able to correct that portion and for the rest of the sets I made sure my core was tight. 

Group WOD

Sled Push and Sled PullsThis workout was broken up into two. The sled push would be first and the pull would be second. We had about a minute of rest in between. I had a great time doing this workout. We do not get to use sleds often and I made the most of it. The class was divided evenly, and we used a rogue sled with a 45 lb. plate. The distance was about 25 m. After the sled push, we would have to do burpees or air squats. We didn’t have much rest either since everyone was completing the sled push quickly. I didn’t have much issues with the movements thankfully.

The sled pull was the same distance except without the burpees or air squats. I haven’t done sled pulls in awhile and it was murder on my quads. It was a lot of fun however. Everyone was working hard and it was great motivation to push harder. This was a fun workout and I wish we did more of them.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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