My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): March 7 – March 13



Redid 16.2 and I wasn’t able to get past the 1st round. Check out my previous post HERE.


Snatch Complex – Power Snatch + Hang Snatch + Overhead Squat (135 LB.)I worked up to a heavy one rep for this workout. I felt great but my form still needs some work. I also need to incorporate more strength work to increase my snatch weight. I had some difficulties with the hang snatch. I need to increase my speed. I’m not getting under the bar fast enough and I missed a few reps at 135 lb. It’s an ongoing issue that I definitely need to work on.

Partner WOD – Eva, 25 Minute Time Cap

5 rounds

Run (800 m)
30 kettlebell swings (70 lb.)
30 pull-ups

The run was done at the same time with each partner running a 400 m. The kettlebell swings were split at 15 per person and the pull ups were split into three sets of five each. The run wasn’t too bad but as most of you guys know, I hate running. The kettlebell swings were my favorite movement. I decided to stay at the Rx weight of 70 lb. and not scale. I was able to do all reps unbroken which surprised me. The pull ups were okay until the third round. I was tired and my breaks between sets became longer as time went on. I also was doing smaller sets since my grip wouldn’t let me stay on the bar. We didn’t finish this workout under the time cap, we were able to finish four rounds with one more to go.


Push Press – 5×3 at 80% (175 lb.)
Relaxed push press workout. I was only able to finish three out of five sets at 80% since a few people were working with me. The class was big and we didn’t have enough racks. I don’t mind sharing the bar, it’s always fun with more people. I worked on getting a deeper dip. One of the coaches pointed out that I only dip slightly and that I could generate a bit more power if I dip a little deeper. Need to work on this more outside of class.
Wall balls (20 lb., 2 min.)
Pistol squats (2 min.)
Power Snatch (95 lb., 4 min.)
Pistol squats (2 min.)
Wall balls (20 lb., 2 min.)
This was an interesting workout. I can’t remember the last time I did one using this format. This workout was going to require some pacing. I couldn’t start too quickly or else I would die out at the power snatches. I’m also not that great at pistols. My balance and form still need some work. The power snatches would be okay since 95 lb. is a good weight.Started out the first set of wall balls with a good pace. I treated it like an EMOM, and shot for 15 reps the first minute. During the second minute I was able to get 17 reps. I was breathing a bit hard by this point and took a few seconds before starting on the pistols. I was able to get a few reps but not many. My balance and form still need work and I had a few no reps. I paced myself on the snatches with about five per minute. I could have done more but I was tired. The second set of pistols and wall balls were about the same in terms of pacing and reps completed.

I think I could have done more in this workout and might have paced it too conservatively. At the end of the workout I was very tired but I could have pushed myself a bit more. I’ll try and up the intensity in future workouts.


I did 16.3 on Saturday, check out my post HERE. I hope your 16.3 went well especially if you got your first muscle up.
Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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