My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): February 22 – February 28


Banded Deadlift – 6×3 at 60% 1RM (225 lb.)

After the long back squat cycle it’s time for some pulling. Since this was the first day I decided to take it a bit easy working up to 54%. I focused on form and technique, making sure they were solid. The lifts felt great considering I haven’t deadlifted anything heavy or used bands in awhile. 

7 Minute AMRAP
30 burpees
20 overhead squats (75 lb.)
20 burpees
10 overhead squats (75 lb.)
10 burpees
5 overhead squats (75 lb.)
Burpees, my nemesis! My goal for this workout was to finish at least one round. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. My time for 50 burpees is around four to five minutes giving me two minutes to complete 35 overhead squats and 10 burpees. I was hoping I could pace it a bit to finish. Started out great. I didn’t go too fast on the burpees and kept an even pace. Had to stop around 20 burpees before finishing. The overhead squats were okay, it took me a few reps to get into it but I got it eventually. I was able to finish it unbroken.

The next set of burpees took a lot longer than expected. I may have went too hard on the overhead squats and I was starting to feel it. I was slow on the burpees and took frequent breaks. I was able to at least finish 10 overhead squats before time was called.


Death by Double Unders – 25 reps + 5 reps every minute

I think a lot of the work we are doing is prep work for the open. With the open starting this week, we are doing a lot of movements that you will most likely see this season. Thankfully, I’m good at double unders. I still have a lot to work on, but I can string some together. Before the class started, I was excited for this part of the workout but after the previous AMRAP, I was dreading it. My legs were tired from all the burpees and overhead squats. My main concern was my legs cramping but I managed to drink some water and waited for the countdown.

I started out great. I was able to go three rounds unbroken and have at least 30 seconds of rest. The next two rounds were much harder. At this point I started feeling the fatigue and wasn’t able to string together many. I would hit myself every few reps but I eventually finished with at least 15 seconds left in the minute. I made it to the fifth round and stopped at 30 reps.


Push Press – 3 Rep Heavy

Had fun Tuesday, working on the push press. I wanted to go heavy and try to set a new PR. Everything felt great warming up but I was sharing the bar with three other guys. I spent some time helping the other guys with form and technique which I don’t mind. I was only able to match my previous pr which was fine. The reps felt great and I’m sure I’ll pass it next time.

Every 1:30 for 9 minutes:
Shuttle Run (200 m)
Max effort dumbbell snatch (50 lb.)
Rx weight for the dumbbell snatch was 70 lb. but I’m still not able to control the weight. I opted to scale down to the heaviest dumbbell at 50 lb. The run would last  60-75 seconds and I would get in at least one rep of the dumbbell snatches.



Run, 200m
Handstand push ups (strict)

I’ve done this workout before using plank push ups about two years ago. I’ve improved and I am able to do strict handstand push ups but I had to scale by using two ab mats instead of one. The run wasn’t too bad  but I was tired from the previous workout. The handstand push ups were not too bad. I should have tried it with only one ab mat since I was able to finish quickly.  I finished the workout in 4:48.


Snatch – 1 Rep Heavy
Worked on heavy snatches Wednesday. A few weeks ago I tried to work up to my previous 1RM, but wasn’t able to complete it. The closest lift was 145 lb. which I tried to reach for today. I warmed up 145 lb. and attempted my first lift. It was a miss. I’m still working on getting under the bar and I haven’t lifted heavy consistently. On my second try, I was able to finish the lift which gave me some confidence. Hopefully in the coming weeks, I’ll be able to pass my current PR.
Partner WOD – 15 Minute Time Cap

60 row (cals.)
Then in the remaining time, AMRAP of:
9 chest-to-bar pull ups
12 overhead squats (115 lb.)
15 box jumps (30 in.)

I did this workout scaled. The overhead squats were originally set for 135 lb. but I wasn’t confident I would last long under that weight. I didn’t want to slow my partner down so I went lighter while he stayed at 135 lb. This workout wasn’t too bad. The reps were split evenly with minimal rest. We were always moving. I tried to keep a steady pace and catch my breath in between sets. Towards the end, I did singles for chest to bars but the overhead squats remained unbroken. We managed to finish four rounds and nine chest-to-bars.


Since the open starts this week check out my post on 16.1. Good luck everyone!
Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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