My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): December 21 – December 27

I’m still trying to catch up with all the posts so bear with me. This was a shorter week since I took a few days off to enjoy the holidays.


Sumo Deadlift – 7×5 at 70% (225 lb.)
My main focus was trying to find a better grip and to be more comfortable. The first few sets were good. I was able to maintain good form and the wider grip made it easier to stabilize the weight. The last few sets I tried to focus on doing some touch and go reps. The weight wasn’t too heavy and I was able to string two to three reps.WOD 1

EMOM – 10 minutes

15 wall balls (20 lb.)

This workout is Karen but EMOM. The last time I attempted Karen, I had to scale Karen the last time and it took me around 13 minutes. I was able to keep the 15 wall balls during the first five minutes. after that the reps would drop from 15 to 10 and then to 8 the last round. I could have finished all 150 reps if I had more time. I’m happy with my results.


AMRAP – 7 minutes

7 – chest to bar pull ups

7 – shoulder to overhead (115 lb.)

My biggest worry for this workout was the chest to bar pull ups. I’m still working on my gymnastics skills and my pull up skills are not great. I’m able to do a chest to bar pull up but I get tired fairly quickly. The shoulder to overhead weight was set at 135 lb. for Rx, but I scaled down to 115 lb. I was tired after the deadlifts and the wall balls so scaling seemed like a good idea. The workout started off okay. I was able to string five chest to bars together and finished with two more. I decided to do push jerks instead of a push press. I was able to finish the rounds unbroken. The last two rounds of chest to bars were slow. I had to do singles or at most sets of two. I finished with three rounds.


Strict Press – 7×5 at 65% (115 lb.)
I haven’t done strict press in awhile and decided to go a bit lighter. The movement was hard on my wrists but I was able to get through it. I need to work on warming up my wrists a bit more before class.
Alternating EMOM – 15 minutes
15 ring push ups
15 box jumps
150 m run

I liked this workout but I under estimated the ring push ups. I thought I would be able to recover in time for the next rep but I was wrong. The last two rounds of ring push ups I was only able to complete eight reps. The other movements were okay. I was able to complete the box jumps unbroken and the 150 m run wasn’t too bad, finishing in about 45 – 50 seconds.Buyout

Tabata – Burpees

I was exhausted by the time we started the buyout. My triceps were on fire from the ring dips, and my legs were sore from the box jumps and the run. I was only able to do two to five reps each round. I tried to push myself to do more but my body couldn’t keep up. At least I pushed as hard as I could.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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