My Week As Rx (Probably Scaled): November 9 – November 15

Sorry for the late post, Otaku Recon zapped all my energy.


Skill Work: Clean and Jerks

After warming up we did a 15 minute skill portion for clean and jerks. I started with an empty bar and gradually added weight.


WOD – 20 minute time cap

In 7 minutes:

Max clean and jerk


Remaining time AMRAP:

7 lateral burpee over barbell
7 front squats 50% of earlier clean and jerk
7 chest to bar pull ups

Since the skill portion was clean and jerks, I worked my way up to 185 lbs. I began the workout with a 185 lb. lift, and completed a 205 lb. lift. I attempted 225 lb. but was only able to complete the clean. I was able to get the jerk overhead but I was distracted and dropped the bar forward. I didn’t realize how important focus was during lifts. Usually, when I fail to complete lifts it’s because I’m tired or the weight is too heavy. This was my first time failing a lift because of focus.

I was excited after this lift because 225 lb. is a new clean PR! I can probably add another 10 lb. to this lift if I attempt it again. I was able to complete four rounds and seven burpees but it was a struggle. The burpees and the chest to bars were my biggest weakness, with majority of the time being spent on those two movements. Surprisingly the front squats were not too bad and I was able to go unbroken during the four rounds.

Weighted Plank – 3 x 60 seconds (35 lb.)

Finished the night with three sets of weighted plank holds.


Skill Work
Started off  the day with gymnastics skill work which focused on handstands and ring dips. The first part of the skill work was a handstand walk drill. You would place your feet on a plate and then gradually move around a plate. I was able to move up to a 24 inch box and completed two sets of rotations.

WOD – Partner Jack 

20 minute AMRAP

10 push press (95 lb.)
10 Russian kettlebell swings (54 lb.)
10 box jumps (24 in.)

This workout was supposed to be done with a partner but I didn’t have one. I did a 1:1 ratio of work to rest to simulate a partner working at the same pace. The Rx weight for the push press was 115 lb. but I decided to scale down to 95 lb. My goal for this workout was to at least complete five rounds which would require me to complete a round every two minutes.

I probably wouldn’t have been able to keep that pace with a 115 lb. push press.  After round three I wasn’t able to complete the push press reps unbroken and broke them up into two sets. The Russain kettlebell swing was my strongest movement. I was able to go unbroken throughout all the rounds. The box jumps were another weak part of this workout for me, mainly because I was coming off of unbroken kettlebell swings. I had to do step ups but I maintained a good pace which was a victory for me. I was tired after each round and I was gasping for air while sitting on my box. I went above my goal of five rounds and finished with six round completed.



Bench Press – 5×7 at 65% (155 lb.)
I took my time on the bench press and didn’t rush. My bench press form is not great and I’ve been trying to work on it. I’m used to bench pressing with my elbows flared instead of keeping them closer to my sides.
WOD – AMRAP 7 minutes
7 deadlifts (225 lb.)
14 pistol squats (alternating legs)
21 double unders
At first, I was worried about the deadlift weight but I knew I could get through it. The last deadlift cycle gave me some confidence in my deadlift and I wanted to push myself. Also, I knew that the deadlifts were not going to be the hardest part of the workout. I recently started doing pistols unassisted but I couldn’t do them for a  lot of reps. Out of the three movements, this was going to be the toughest one.
Surprisingly, the deadlifts were not too bad. I focused on maintaining good form instead of speed. I was able to zip through this section and finish all my deadlifts unbroken. The pistol squats however, were a different story. I was able to do them unassisted but I broke them up into sets after the second round. My legs were on fire. The double unders were easy enough but I wasn’t able to do them all unbroken. I would always mess up around the 15th rep. I finished the workout with three rounds, seven deadlifts and six pistol squats.
Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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