My Week as RX (Probably Scaled): September 14 – September 20


Deadlift – 6×4 at 80% (335 lb.)

Today was an off day. I only finished four sets since I took too long. I wasn’t feeling it, I felt weak and ended up doing doubles instead of four touch and go reps.

WOD – Run 400m, 30 handstand push ups, then 2 rounds: run 300m, 10 toes to bar + pull up, then 3 rounds: run 200 m, 7 clean and jerks at 70% 1RM, then max effort double unders. Time cap 25 minutes. Must start double unders at 23 minutes.

I was excited for this WOD before class started and then I started to run. My lower back was tight and my lousy running form wasn’t helping. The movements that gave me the most trouble were running and the clean and jerks. During the first round of the clean and jerks, my quads started to cramp. I wasn’t able to complete the last two rounds before 23 minutes. Started on the double unders with about a minute left and managed to get about 25 double unders.

Monday was a off day, I didn’t feel myself. I decided to shake it off and comeback stronger the next day. Everyone has a bad day, unfortunately, today was my day.


Annie – 50-40-30-20-10, double unders, ab-mat sit ups.
Buy in was Annie with a 7 minute time cap. I wasn’t sure if I could have finished it under time cap but I was going to try my best. I managed to finish 30 double unders at time cap. 
Back Squat Maintenance – 5×3 at 75% of 1RM (275 lb.)
Back squats felt great, unlike Mondays deadlifts. Trying to work on my explosiveness and controlling the weight at the bottom of the squat.
WOD – FGB style, 3 Rounds: Pull up hold, pull ups (strict), pull ups (kipping), chin ups (strict). 15 seconds working, rest 45 seconds.

This workout is deceiving. I underestimated the pull up hold, and I thought the strict movements would be easier with rest. I managed to do okay with with at least three strict reps and five kipping each round.


Deadlift – 6×2 at 80% 1RM (335 lb.)
Wednesday was redemption day. I felt a lot better and was determined to do better than Monday. I was able to complete all my sets with enough time to set up for the WOD.
WOD – 5 Rounds for Time: 10 Burpees, 10 Wall Balls at 11′ (20 lb.), and 10 one arm dumbbell snatch at (50 lb.).
I was not able to complete this workout RX. My main concern for this workout was the wall balls since it was a foot higher and the dumbbell snatches. The RX weight for the dumbbell snatches were 70 lb. which is a difficult weight for me. I scaled down to 50 lb. which is more manageable. Surprisingly the easiest part of this workout was the wall balls. I was able to go unbroken on most sets. The hardest part were the burpees and snatches but I was able to keep a good pace. I finished the workout in 13:45.
Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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