CrossFit Progress: PRs!

This week is our “max out” week for CrossFit Gof Metgot. So far we had a max day for bench press, deadlifts, hand stand push ups and strict pull ups.

PRs from Monday and Tuesday:

  • Handstand Push Ups – 13, +5 reps 
  • Bench Press – 240 lb, +15 lb 
  • Strict Pull Ups – 10, +4 reps 
  • Fran – 7:07, -4:53 from previous time
I’m happy with all the numbers I put up and the progress I have made. I’m especially happy with my Fran time. I didn’t finish my last Fran attempt under the 12 minute time cap. Also, I didn’t finish all the thrusters in the last set. This time I manged to almost knock off five minutes from my last attempt and finish. Fran is one of those iconic CrossFit workouts and hopefully I make it under seven minutes next attempt. More lifts are coming, I recently hit a new PR on my clean and jerk but I’ll write about that next time. I want to max out my deadlift this week, wish me luck. 
Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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