CrossFit Progress: New Clean and Jerk PR!

I finally hit a PR on my clean and jerk. My previous PR was 205 lb. and today I lifted 215 lb. I learned that your mental state plays a big role in heavy lifts. I made two attempts at 205 and missed one of them. The difference between the two lifts were my mental state. I wasn’t 100% during my missed lift; I wasn’t focused. After reevaluating and some notes from my coaches I made the lift. I felt really good after and decided to try and PR.

Thankfully, it only took one attempt. My coaches were trying to get me to attempt 225 lb but I decided against it. I only had a few minutes left and I didn’t want to rush it. The next time a max clean and jerk comes up, I’ll definitely attempt 225 lb. I wanted to post a video but it didn’t come out well, next time.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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