CrossFit Progress: 14.5 Can Suck It!

14.5 was the first workout where I gave up, I let myself quit. You had to finish or quit, the clock wasn’t going to save you . I finished the round of twelve reps and started on the round of nine reps. I could barely lift the barbel. I manged to clean the weight but couldn’t finish the thruster. I dropped the barbel and stared at the clock, twenty six minutes. I looked over at my judge, said I’m done and dropped to the floor. My coach and fellow members were trying to get me back up, they wanted me to finish. I waved them off, I was done.

A year later my coaches decided to program 14.5 since many members hit PR’s on their 14.2 scores. I was a little nervous but 15.5 made me more confident in my thrusters. My goal was to finish under twenty six minutes and I was determined not to quit. I finished the workout in 25:43, my new PR. It has been a long year but the training paid off. CrossFit works.

Lift Heavy and Level Up!

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