CrossFit Open 15.5: It’s Over!

The CrossFit Open is now over and if you’re like me, you finished crawling. Speculating about which movements were going to be featured in this workout were fun. It was a build your worse/most fun workout activity and it came true. Going into Thursday (Friday stateside) we knew it was going to suck. Most of us thought burpees, thrusters and box jumps were going to be in the workout since those movements were historically in the open. Other movements like rowing and pistols were not as likely but we know Dave Castro likes to throw curve balls.

“27-27, 21-21, 15-15, 9-9”

When Dave Castro finished the rep scheme I was worried. Only two movements? Immediately I thought, burpee box jumps and thrusters or burpees and squat cleans. Then he announced calories on the rower and thrusters and it was for time. I was excited and dreading this workout at the same time. Excited, because no burpess, dreading because I know how much this workout is going to kill my legs.

I did my best and managed to finish in 15:18. I wanted to finish under 15 minutes but I am happy with my time. I was exhausted; I stared at the ceiling for a few minutes before I decided to sit up. A few members were finishing their workouts and I decided to cheer them on. My legs were on fire but it died down after a few minutes. The soreness would be felt the next morning however.

I didn’t participate in the open last year. I did some of the workouts but I didn’t make it a priority. I thought I wasn’t ready to compete with anyone. I managed to PR a score from last year by doing it Rx and with more reps. The open highlighted a lot of my weaknesses. Body weight movements have been my kryptonite and by next year I will be able to do at least one muscle up. I paid my $10 to HQ and I don’t feel bad about it. I know I won’t be going to the games but the open keeps me connected to the larger CrossFit community. I will be joining again next year and hopefully I will be higher on the leader board.

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