CrossFit Open 15.3: Check Your Ego at the Door

This weeks open workout was an ego check for most people trying to do the workout Rx. After Dave Castro mentioned muscle ups as the first part of the triplet I came to this realization. I’m still a scaled athlete. I’ve come a long way this past year with regards to fitness. I feel stronger, look better and have more energy but I still have weaknesses. At least I will be able to do the workout scaled.
I wish the scaled version was different. 50 wall ball shots and 200 singles. I wanted something with body weight thrown in like pull ups. I did the workout and got 536 reps. I think I can probably get more if I tried it again since I should have paced my wall balls better. Hopefully we will have another fun workout next week. I’m thinking Dave Castro will put in rowing and burpees since we haven’t done them yet. 

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